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5 Hot Trends in Women’s Sunglasses for 2020

5 Hot Trends in Women’s Sunglasses for 2020

Posted by Shark Eyes on 28th Feb 2020

The ice is slowly melting - a reminder to us all that summer is just around the corner. Along with shorts, tank tops, and sandals, sunglasses are in sight! Of course, sunglasses aren’t just for summer. They’re a fashion statement and sun shield year-round.

Find out what summer sunglasses fashions are expected to be top hits and which celebrities are wearing them. 

1. Cat Eye Frames

Meow! Women love their cat-eye sunglasses. This kind of frame follows the brow line but features an upsweep at the outer edge.

Cat-eye frames hit the scene in the 50s and were still wildly popular in the 60s. Women could be seen sporting frisky cat eyes along with beehive hairdos. The fact that they are retro makes them even more attractive. Some things never really go out of style.

While the feline frame frenzy tapered off to give way to “bug-eye frames” that stole the show in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, they are definitely in style again and are purrrfect for the summer to come.

Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor wore cat-eye styles “back in the day.” Check out these classy celebs in their cat eyes today!

We offer these  cat-eye style frames from Dazey Shades:

We’ve got other types of cat-eye style sunglasses & readers here.

2. Shield Sunglasses

For protection and fashion, stylish women turn to shield style sunglasses. Shield sunglasses stretch continually across the face, which actually promotes peripheral vision and enhances the perception of depth.

The lenses are typically polarized, making them superb for activities in the summer sun like sailing and water skiing and are great to wear in the winter to protect against the snow’s glare.

Shield sunglasses come in a myriad of options in styles, shapes, and sizes. You’ll find the shielding lenses in plenty of colors too, from ocean blue to black and even brown. Shield shades are going to be seen everywhere this summer!

We’ve got some great shield sunglasses in stock now:

3. Oversized Frames

In the 80s, everyone liked to do things in a big way. Sunglasses were no exception. Oversized frames are excellent for extreme shading. If your eyes are super sensitive to the sun, or if you spend a lot of time in the sun, Oversized frames are a great choice.

Often seen in bright colors with bright colored lenses to match (or not match), Oversized frames were once all the rage. Singer Elton John was never caught without his on.

Guess what? Oversized frames are back, and they’re bigger than ever this year. You’ll find them in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Take a look at these Dazey Shades Oversized Frame sunglasses:

4. Aviator / Bridge on Top Frames

Just as the name implies, bridge on top frames have...well, the bridge of the frames on top. Aviator-style frames use this type of design.

While this style of shades has been around for a good long time, there are some new spins on them this year, making them one of the most trending sunglasses right now and for the summer to come.

While most sunglasses have a bridge over the nose only, bridge on top frames have an upper edge on comfort and on style, and they’ll be out in full force this summer.

These are some of our best women’s aviator styles:



5. Brown Lenses

Brown lenses are ideal because they have a dark enough tint to block out the sun’s glare and also reduce eye-strain. Brown lenses don’t distort colors as much as black ones do.

Lenses with some red in the tint, such as Brown and Amber Lenses are great for improving depth perception. That means they’re fantastic to wear when you are going to be driving, playing sports, or engaged in an activity that requires you to judge distance. And...brown lenses will be really rockin’ this summer.

Here is one of our best styles with brown lenses:

Grade the Shade

Sunglasses are designed to do more than just make you look cool. Exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can ruin your eyesight and cause a multitude of health issues. Too much ultraviolet (UV) rays may lead to macular degeneration, cataracts, pterygia, pingueculae, and photokeratitis.

Not all sun shades provide protection from UV light. Most do, however - some more than others. For the maximum protection that’s available, choose a pair that has a high grade of UV blockage. The price of your sunglasses doesn’t denote the extent of their protection. So, be sure to check out the actual rating.

You’ll want to go with a pair that blocks out UVB rays too. Sunglasses that wrap around or that are large will shield better than smaller shades. 

Shaping up with Summer Sunglasses

Summer will be here before you know it. It’s not too early to start thinking about what kind of sunglasses your customers will be wearing when it arrives. In fact, it’s not too early to go ahead and stock up.

Here are some things to consider regarding choosing the right sunglasses. We’ve also written an article on how to select sunglasses and about the different parts of sunglasses:

  • Be sure the shape of your shades compliments your face. Round frames are good pics for square-shaped faces. Square and rectangle-shaped sunglasses offset round and oblong faces.
  • Match up your shades with your lifestyle, the activities you like to do, and your wardrobe (color, style, etc.)
  • The size of your sunglasses should coordinate with the size of your face. If your face and your facial features are small, you don’t want to overshadow them by going with large frames.
  • Sometimes, you just want to toss out all the rules and have a blast. If that’s the case, just do it!

Oh, and one more thing...there’s nothing that says you can’t have two pairs of sunglasses...or three...or... Then, you can choose the pair that best fits what you’re wearing and what you are doing every single day of the summer.

This summer’s line-up for trending sunglasses is a mix of retro, sophistication, and playfulness.

Get on out there and enjoy the fun. Reach for the sun...and the sunglasses too.