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Private Label

Create Your Own Personalized Custom Sunglasses

Are you ready to see your ideas come into reality? Call us today at 323-589-7828. Business Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time Zone. 

Make a name for yourself! Personalized sunglasses can be great for starting a new brand, holiday parties, music events, sporting events, parties, promotional events, or company picnics.

A pair of fun sunglasses customized with your logo can be included with your packaging or given away to customers to help get the word out about your company. You can give them out as promotional contest prizes or as free gifts. With a little imagination, your company’s personalized sunglasses will advertise your brand for years to come.

Why sunglasses? Everyone wears them because they are fun. They also shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and make a fashion statement too. If you’re not sold on them, try our classy, sassy, or sophisticated reading glasses.

Custom sunglasses and reading glasses put a face on the name of your business. They are the perfect solution for your business branding needs.

The minimum order quantity required is 250 pieces and turnaround time is approximately 6 days for most styles. Just let us know what you want.

We've worked with many happy customers on their projects. If you’re not sure what you want or how to order, no problem. We are happy to assist you. 

Are you looking to make a splash in the eye-wear industry with your own sunglasses or reading glasses? 

With customized spectacles from Shark Eyes, you are sure to draw attention to your brand.  You’ll have many options to choose from so you can put the perfect glasses out there to advertise your company each and every time the sunglasses or reading glasses are worn.

Our team members are marketing pros and fashion experts. If you’re in doubt as to how to go about putting your name on sunglasses or reading glasses, let us help. We know how to make sure all eyes will be on your brand so you can take your business to the next level.

  • Use your own logo
  • Choose any high quality style
  • Multiple colors available
  • Provide high resolution image of your logo
  • Minimum quantity required is 250 pieces
  • Turnaround time approximately 6 days for most styles 

Silk Screen & Etching


Would you like to create your own sunglasses brand?

Marketing experts know that one of the most effective ways to build your brand and grow your business is to make your name known. 

By placing your name and/or logo on a pair of sunglasses or reading glasses to promote your business, you’ll be noticed. You’ll have your company’s name out to a multitude of people in diverse groups because those who wear the glasses with your name and/or logo on them will go all sorts of places.

They’ll encounter all types of people. Your name will travel to destinies unknown, far and wide, reaching more of an audience than any radio or television commercial and all for a fraction of the price. Our products and services are top quality.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Etch lenses / silk screen printing with your name or logo
  • Logo printing on the temple
  • Customized pouches & cases with your name or logo


Custom Lens Etching With Your Logo

When you have your company’s logo finely etched on a pair of sunglasses or reading glasses, people will recognize that your business stands for quality because our products and etching are second to none.

You’ll make an immediate good first impression and you’ll make it every time the sunglasses or glasses are put on.

  • Etching your logo
  • Turnaround time varies per Custom Order
  • Minimum quantity required


Create Your Own Brand With Pouches & Cases

What’s the perfect complement to your frames & lenses? Add custom pouches and cases. It’s like going the extra mile to show the world who your business is and what it’s about. When impressions matter, set your brand apart with all the bells and whistles.

Your business is worth it and you’ll find your investment will return to you by way of new and repeat business.

Need a little help in figuring out how to design your pouches and cases? Our marketing experts and fashion pros will gladly assist you in putting together a stunning package so you can reach a myriad of people who will see your brand logo.

We’ll make sure your cases and pouches are the best of the best. We take pride in making sure your business shines through our products.

  • 6 days min turnaround time for pouches
  • Please ask us about available cases. Different cases requires different turnaround times
  • Provide us a high resolution image
  • Minimum quantity required
  • Save money by buying eyewear and cases together as bundled items

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