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Bulk Wholesale Sunglasses and Reading Glasses

Wholesale Bulk Discount Sunglasses. Shark Eyes is a distributor and vendor of wholesale sunglasses the USA with glasses starting at $12.
Shark Eyes Inc.
We sell bulk wholesale discount sunglasses and reading glasses from high-quality designer eyewear manufacturers at affordable prices. We became the best wholesale supplier from over forty years of business in the wholesale eyewear market. We have loyal customers who can attest to our honest and competitive pricing schedule. We have taken an innovative approach to selling wholesale sunglasses to our retail clients. We are the top distributor of discounted bulk sunglasses in the United States. At Shark Eyes, we strive for quality to our clients and value for the bulk purchases. Our products are high-end designer sunglasses at a discounted price. Shark Eyes designs every line of eyewear based on market research and our knowledge of current trends. We pour our creativity into style and quality designs in eyewear to complement brand name and logo. We supply to our clients not only cheap, inexpensive glasses but quality designer brand name glasses at an affordable bulk and display pricing schedule. Consumers buy based on quality, price and style.

Brand Name Wholesale Sunglasses

Our wholesale brand name glasses are designer sunglasses that feature better quality than other vendors with no branding. We have brand-name quality eyeglasses at bulk discount pricing. This means that our glasses have brand recognition and customers look for them when they go to purchase at your store.Our brands include Real Tree, RacerX, Locs, XLoop, Hang Ten Kids, Dazey Shades, Big Buck Eyewear, Ellure, Homie Shades, Foster Grant, Kature, Ride with Pride, Cold Eyewear, Georgio Caponi and VertX. Whatever style you are looking for we have custom display sunglasses with tags to get your customers to purchase quality sunglasses at at affordable prices from your store.

Sunglasses frame Styles and Shapes

Our styles which include aviator, retro 80's classic, wayfarer, round, heart shape, semi-rimless, butterfly, Novelty, wrap around, square and sports sunglasses.

Sunglasses Display Racks & Cases

We design and sell sunglass floor and counter displays for 24 Pcs, 40 Pcs, 48 Pcs, 60 Pcs, 72 Pcs & 108 Pcs. We design our sunglasses displays with eye-catching graphic arts to attract customers to your sunglasses or readers rack-case. We will keep your sunglasse racks full with our Display Programs to refill to replenish the stock your customers have bought from you.

Wholesale Reading Glasses in Bulk Discount

We feature Brands such as Cheetah, Foster Grant and Geogio Carponi. We stock a huge inventory of wholesale readers in metal, plastic and resin frames. We stock reading glasses in powers from +1.00, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00 up to +7.00. We have sun readers, bi-focals, sunnies, rimless, metal and plastic. We have men's readers, women's readers, unisex styles, reading sunglasses, high powered readers, computer readers and fashion designer readers.