Custom Sunglasses

Create Your Own Personalized, Custom Logo Sunglasses

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Custom logo sunglasses can be personalized for holiday parties, music events, sporting events, parties, promotional events, or company picnics. Sunglasses with custom logos will put the personal touch on your next event.

A pair of fun sunglasses customized with your logo can be included with your packaging or given away to customers to help get the word out about your company.

The minimum quantity required is 250 pieces and turnaround time is approximately 6 days for most styles. Just let us know what you want.



Are you a retailer looking to make a splash in the eye-wear industry?

  • Use your own logo
  • Provide high resolution image of your logo
  • Minimum quantity required is 250 pieces
  • Turnaround time approximately 6 days for most styles 

Would you like to create your own Sunglasses or Reading Glasses Line?

  • Etch lenses with your name or logo
  • Logo printing on the temple of Sunglasses
  • Customized pouches & cases with your name or logo

custom sunglasses - silk screen your logo or design sharkeyes


custom sunglasses - your logo - lens etching -shake eyes wholesale

Custom Lens Etching With Your Logo

  • Etching your logo
  • Turnaround time 75 days
  • Minimum quantity required

custom sunglasses - your brand & logo - case or pouch - shake eyes wholesale

Create Your Own Brand With Pouches & Cases

What’s the perfect compliment to your custom designed sunglasses? Custom pouches and cases. Let us help you save time and money by getting your glasses and pouches printed together.

  • 6 days min turnaround time for pouches
  • Please ask us about cases. Different cases requires different turnaround times
  • Provide us a high resolution image
  • Minimum quantity required
  • Save money by buying sunglasses and cases together

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