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​An Inside Look at the Top 23 Best Eyewear Blogs

Posted by Shark Eyes on 20th Aug 2019

If you're looking for insightful eyewear blogs, you've come to the right place. Eyewear blogs give you a glimpse into the latest optical trends, inform you of new innovative technology, and announce upcoming eyewear events, like tradeshows and conventions.

We've chosen the top 23 eyewear blogs that we feel do the best in creatively capturing and presenting the information regularly.

There are hundreds of blogs about eyewear, but we've sifted through them to focus on what we feel are the 23 best. Whether you're an eyewear wholesaler, a merchant researching for purchasing purposes, or love eyewear, these blogs will keep you posted on all things eyewear.

We've based our decision on what we feel are the four most essential factors in a blog - quality information, behind-the-scenes knowledge, creative content, and helpful insight. Here are our picks:

Hosted by the richly informative magazine with the same name, Spectr, this blog gives a bird's eye view of all that's going on in the eyewear fashion industry including all the latest trends and eyewear events such as expos. This blog is famous for bringing out the most mod, and unique peeks into the world of eye fashion.

This blog is a campaign sponsored by the Vision Council to promote aspects of fashion and lifestyle in eyewear. Eyecessorize does a stellar job in delivering the essence of eyewear fashions and gives information about all things happening in the eyewear world like trade fairs and conventions. In each blog, a particular brand and fashion are showcased, giving readers an in-depth look at a single style which is, for some, more insightful general market analysis.

This monthly blog caters to the needs and desires of sports enthusiasts who want to keep up with the latest in prescription and non-prescription ski goggles and sunglasses. This blog keeps an eye on top-selling sports fashion in brands like Nike, Bolle, Rudy Project, Adidas, and Oakley.

Since eyewear fashions are ever evolving, we appreciate that a blog is posted to this site twice a week. Luxury Eyewear Forum blogs highlight everything eyewear like the latest news, designers, careers, trade shows, and high-fashion boutiques. You'll always be in the know when you read up on these informative blogs.

Events Eye is a no-frills, no-nonsense blog site that offers a look at the most up-to-date optical eyewear trade show information on the internet. The site is continually adding information about upcoming eyewear events and includes comprehensive information about them. has a monthly blog that's great about keeping readers abreast on what's going on in the eyewear industry. You'll get an informative look into eyewear events and optical news about news regarding glasses and sunglasses. This site even has the latest celebrity eyewear sightings.

Informing readers about the eyewear industry since 1964, if there's something taking place in the eye care industry, Silhouette is sure to let their readers know about it in their monthly blog.

LensKart features a blog that features news about upcoming events and other news in the optical industry. The blog has a unique perspective and comes out monthly.

You are sure to find out about the latest optical trade shows and many other eyewear events. This blog also covers eyewear and eye care news from a wide range of topics such as eyewear fashions and visual health.

Specializing in advanced computer eyewear, you can count on Gunnar to address all the issues that are associated with technology such as computer-induced blurred vision and headaches, and artificial blue light strain. This monthly post will also keep readers updated with the latest trade shows featuring their patented computer eyewear and other innovative features.

If it's happening in Paris - it's happening! The Promo Salons blog site provides a section called "Silmo Paris" shares information about international exhibits and trade shows for the eyewear and optics industry.

The Proof Eyewear blog comes out monthly and takes an up close and personal look at the latest eyeglass and sunglass styles. You'll also get news about contact lenses in this blog. From fashion tips to the most recent in eyewear technology, this blog does a great job of bringing it all to the readers.

Red Eyewear takes pride in informing the public about events through their monthly blogs. Their information includes a host of information concerning all things optical like what top eyewear retailers and wholesalers in the UK and England are doing.

David Kind is located in Venice, California, and has been in the business for over a decade. The blogs on this site give optimal optic information on new styles, expos, and new technology in optical wear.

Brought to you by, The Look is a blog that comes out monthly to inform readers all about contacts and glasses in top brand names such as Softlens, Freshlook, Focus, Biomedics, Bausch & Lomb, and Acuvue. The blog also helps readers find the best prices for eyewear.

The VS Eyewear blog presents helpful information on designer styles, industrial solutions, and brand name fashions in eyewear. The blogs come out once per month and also feature tips and advice on eyewear related subjects.

This blog is very informative for readers concerning eyewear news and other helpful information. The blogs come out three times a month.

The Eye Spy blog is out of the United Kingdom, but even if you don't live there, you'll find out what's going on in the country as far as eyeglass fashions and events. It's also fun to note their many featured photos of celebrities in glasses.

The Pupil's Lounge is a blog that features news, styles, and trade fair information on eyewear that is affordable, especially to students. Find out all the most up-to-date showings in budget eyewear on this blog.

The Vision Council hosts blogs that tell of all the news and technology developments in the vision industry. It's a "go to" organization that will also keep you up to date in the field and reports on a wide variety of vision expos.

Phonetic Eyewear’s blog centers on eyewear related and computer technology. From information regarding harsh blue light to digital eye strain tips, this blog offers a wealth of knowledge.

The Coco Leni monthly blog is unique in that it takes the approach of making glasses and eyewear affordable. When there's a trade fair or local event that has to do with

The EyeStyle EyeGoodies blog is unique in that it focuses on sunglass eyewear and the news, technology, styles, and current events going on within the sunglasses industry.

Best of the Best Insightful Eyewear Blogs

Eyewear blogs not only keep you updated with the latest in eyewear fashion and technology, but they also focus on details behind the scenes to bring a broad spectrum of information to the public's attention. Hats off to all the eyewear blogs but especially to those 23 we feel go above and beyond in giving us a unique and informative look into the eyewear industry.