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The Top 20 Small Business Wholesale Suppliers

The Top 20 Small Business Wholesale Suppliers

Posted by Shark Eyes on 4th Apr 2023

If you are looking for a wholesale supplier, you've probably seen firsthand how challenging it can be. Just searching for a small business wholesale supplier gets overwhelming, not to mention actually selecting one.

B2B is a growing industry with manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and sellers working together to get their jobs done. It has reached $6.7 million in the United States alone in recent years.

The industry expansion means there are many wholesale suppliers which is a good thing, but also means there is a lot of competition among wholesale suppliers for small businesses.

How to Find a Wholesale Supplier

There are many ways to find wholesale vendors and wholesale suppliers but that's not enough. You need to find the best wholesale suppliers for your online store.

You will want to be careful to choose those with high-quality products that have excellent wholesale prices as well.

Minimum order quantities will play a factor too.

You should definitely inquire about MOQ before getting very deep into information about a wholesaler.

Cutdown Your Research Down Time of Finding Wholesale Suppliers

To find wholesale suppliers, you can conduct an online search, of course.

But the most seamless, trusted way is to find worldwide brands of wholesale is to have a list of online wholesale directories and a comprehensive collection of supply chain information.

How to Distinguish Reliable Wholesale Suppliers

Once you have a list comprised of your favorites from the comprehensive wholesale vendor list, you will want to do your own research to find reliable suppliers such as:

  • Read their reviews, especially on third party sources.
  • Compare services such as narrowing down those that are dropshipping suppliers.
  • Find out who carries your line of wholesale goods like craft supplies or wholesale clothing.
  • Contact the wholesale supplier and check them out firsthand.

Wholesale vendors act as middlemen between the product manufacturers and retail vendors who sell to customers.

Wholesale companies sell bulk products for a discount to retailers who then mark up the price and sell to the public.

Top 20 Best Wholesale Suppliers

  1. Alibaba

    Alibaba is formally known as Alibaba Group Holding LTD. It is comprised of international commerce, China commerce, local consumer services, digital media and entertainment, Cainiao, cloud, innovative initiatives, and more.

    On Alibaba, you'll find a myriad of wholesale businesses from around the world including online marketplaces in China and other Eastern Countries that sell products wholesale. It is a leading conglomeration of suppliers for small businesses that does a good job of sifting out the bad from the good.

  2. eWorld Trade

    Known as one of the most trusted of all B2B wholesale platforms, you are sure to find great wholesale deals on eWorld Trade. Wholesale suppliers who are fortunate enough to be accepted onto the worldwide group are considered to be first class international suppliers.

    There are over 45 categories ebay suppliers and other online store owners can work with wholesale and dropship suppliers to find the best products and wholesale pricing online.

  3. Shark Eyes

    For those in the eyewear industry, Shark Eyes Wholesale Eyewear can't be beat. From sunglasses and reading glasses to display cases and accessories, Shark Eyes is a leader in top wholesale suppliers for eyewear in dollar store varieties and top-notch designer brands.

    Their product quality is stellar. In business for over 40 years, the customer service representatives are known for being some of the best. Shark Eyes shipping costs are appreciated for competitive prices. The website is seamless, making it easy for small businesses to purchase wholesale products from this wholesale vendor.

  4. Wholesale Central

    Wholesale products on Wholesale Central are easy for small businesses to buy. Consumer electronics, clothing, art supplies, CBD products, holiday and seasonal, shoes, and more are available in abundance. One of the best wholesale suppliers for small businesses, their prices are very reasonable.

    When choosing a wholesale supplier, this wholesale business is one of the best reputable suppliers with wholesale items in most any category you could want. Wholesale Central is for those with a wholesale account, no consumers are allowed to make purchases.

  5. CC Wholesale Clothing

    Located in Los Angeles, CC Wholesale Clothing is a source for trendy plus size clothes, fashion-forward junior clothing, top-notch styles for women, and fashion statement accessories.

    They also offer dropshipping. Leaders in the wholesale trade, CC Wholesale Clothing is easy to deal with. Their site is simple to navigate and they have affordable rates.

  6. EC21

    If you are looking for a great wholesaler, EC21 might be your saving grace. Connecting buyers with suppliers, this platform is one of the world's largest B2B markets. Founded in 2004, EC21 has spread to Vietnam, China, and Germany and encompasses many other countries as well.

    Becoming a supplier on EC21 is simple and worth the effort because they have over 2 million suppliers, more than 8 million products, and millions of buyers. You will need to register, but registration is free of charge.

  7. Global Sources

    Wholesale buyers flock to Global Sources for many great reasons. This all-inclusive platform is easy to navigate because they separate each product into a separate category for easy viewing. Integrative supplier tools are available in their directory so qualified buyers can be reached.

    This verified supplier is a multichannel source for some of the best wholesale features available - a wholesale model to be followed that makes worldwide global shopping for small business as easy as pie.

  8. Amazon Business

    Amazon launched Amazon Business as an online platform where suppliers and manufacturers can do business. It caters to those who have an online business. Many tools are available to make shopping a breeze for bulk orders so features like bulk discounts, shipping fee costs, shipment methods, and suggested retail prices can be searched.

    Amazon Business also has a source for tools so you can conduct marketing such as sending emails to customers and integrative management solutions.

  9. Pex Wholesale UK

    Pex Wholesale UK is a leading babywear and children's clothing wholesaler. Located in the United Kingdom, the high-quality products from this store have put it on the charts for being one of the best suppliers.

    Prices are good and shipping is a breeze. Customer service at Pex Wholesale UK is commendable and the selections are vast.

  10. Korean International Trade Association

    The Korean International Trade Association is a private, not for profit, trade organization that was established in 1946 with only 105 traders.

    Now, it is one of the largest in Korea with over 70,000 members who represent Korea's international trade community.

    Not only does the Korean International Trade Association represent wholesaling, it also includes arbitration when needed, policy recommendations, and provides research and information.

  11. Made-in-China

    A leading platform for global suppliers, Made-in-China is a central marketplace that has an extensive category of products. It is one of the oldest platforms for wholesaler listings in existence.

    Constantly evolving, you'll find Made-in-China is simple to use and has amazing features such as their star suppliers' program where suppliers are rated for buyers' convenience.

    Some of the product sections include health and wellness, construction supplies, computers, and so much more.

    Quotes are available which makes the platform even more appealing and clear.

  12. Spocket

    Spocket is a reputable wholesale outfit name for both the US and Europe. The platform makes suppliers in many categories a cinch to find. They offer branded invoices to small businesses and the deals can be customized. You'll find many selections on this site.

    There are plenty of deals to be had on items sold on Spocket, making it one of the most affordable platforms for wholesale products in the world. The automated process makes transactions extremely smooth and incredibly accurate.

  13. Wholesale Deals

    There is a myriad of great buys on Wholesale Deals. This platform is ideal for both buyers and sellers in the wholesale industry. There are two types of memberships, silver and gold. There are multiple categories too. Trade shows and exhibits are held in addition to online shopping that is available.

    All vendors with Wholesale Deals are verified so you never have to worry about getting scammed. The buying process is made easy by this stellar platform.

  14. EC Plaza

    EC Plaza is an American Enterprise that is based in Korea. It operates in four plus languages to make it available to many countries across the world. EC Plaza is a top option for small businesses for wholesale and is also involved in trade consulting, EDI service, and trade shows.

    EC Plaza is well-established, one of the oldest wholesale platforms globally. It is extremely user-friendly - connecting manufacturers, exporters, retailers, and importers from around the world in one convenient spot.

  15. Fibre2Fashion

    Fibre2Fashion is a global supply platform source for textile, apparel, and fashion material. There are different business categories that make the shopping experience pleasant. There is an integrated business intelligence feature that empowers buyers of textiles and textile technical matters that makes it even easier to purchase.

    The customer service at Fibre2Fashion is appreciated for being courteous and helpful.

  16. DHgate

    A noteworthy solution to wholesale in the dropship category is DHgate. DHgate is frequented by millions around the world who wish to do business with retailers, manufacturers, dropshippers, and others who source or buy products from Chinese suppliers.

    This online wholesale outfit caters to small businesses and has 2.2 million buyers. It accommodates over 1.2 million Chinese suppliers and has 2.2 million buyers in places like Korea, the US, Turkey, Arabia, and more. You'll find practically every type of merchandise supply you are looking for on this huge site.

  17. The Design Cart

    The Design Cart is a leading supplier of wholesale textime and apparel. It is a place to find high quality raw cloth, embellishments for clothing, and items such as stones, jewels, trims, pearls, and more.

    Heralded as one of the best by those in the fashion industry, this platform is known for its dedication to providing the ultimate in quality but being ultra-affordable at the same time. Customer service is amazing and the user experience is top notch as well.

  18. Zagro

    Zagro is a top name in wholesale for products related to crops, crop care, animal health products and so forth. Zagro provides solutions for the agricultural industry with high quality items that are difficult to find elsewhere in wholesale volumes.

    There are over 70 states that Zagro services. The company has a strong track record for their reputable trade practices such as highly rated customer service, affordable pricing, and easy navigation on the site.

  19. Beauty Sourcing

    Beauty Sourcing is where retailers and wholesalers come together on a platform designed to supply the best of beauty products. You can contact manufacturers on this site to get the best deals on makeup, hair product4s, toiletries, and most all other products associated with beauty and cosmetics.

    There are 2,253 suppliers in the global network, making it one of the largest in the world. The website is user-friendly and customer service is highly acclaimed.

  20. AsianBeautyWholesale

    As the name implies, AsianBeautyWholesale is a wholesale vendor that carries over 700 brands and 20,000 items. It is appreciated for its low minimum order amount of only $25 USD and some items have no MOA at all.

    AsianBeautyWholesale is also known for its incentives and coupons. It is the most successful online sellers of Asian beauty products to retailers where the more you spend, the more you save. The purchase process to this platform is very smooth and accommodating.

The Truth About Wholesale Vendors

It's imperative to know what you are looking for when looking for an ideal wholesale supplier.

You can find suppliers at trade shows, in wholesale directories, and in lists provided by reputable online resources that review online marketplace wholesale vendors.

When searching, you will want to look for small business perks like wholesalers that offer free shipping, dropshipping business accommodations, closeout suppliers, verified wholesalers, affordable pricing, and a variety of shipping method options.

Local wholesalers should be considered too as well as those who supply worldwide. There are benefits to local and global wholesale shopping.

There are many suppliers out there, but they aren't all created equally. You will want to compare.

Wholesalers have different shipping methods, cater to different ecommerce platforms, and so forth. Knowing what you want and need is vital.

Choosing wholesale suppliers is made easier with comprehensive wholesale directory access.

The main thing to consider is that you need wholesale suppliers that meet your specific needs and if you look hard enough, you are sure to find exactly that.