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How to Wear Sunglasses With Glasses

How to Wear Sunglasses With Glasses

Posted by Shark Eyes on 17th Dec 2020

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun, they are hip too. Have you ever wondered how to wear sunglasses when you have prescription glasses? If so, you're certainly not alone. Read on to learn creative ways to enjoy the perks of sunglasses while wearing prescription lenses at the same time.

What a Great Pair of Sunglasses Have to Offer

Let's face it. Just about everyone wants to wear sunglasses. Studies have revealed that 218 million Americans do wear sunglasses, as a matter of fact. Here's why:


Sunglasses shade your eyes so you can see even when you are in a bright light without glare. A dark color of lenses helps to shield the light even in a pair of sunglasses that are not UV protective (like regular glasses). Some sunglasses go a step further though.


A number of good quality polarized sunglasses you can buy have lenses that are specially treated with a polarized substance to protect the eye from the sun's UV rays that are harmful to your vision. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection is always wise to help protect from conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration, and cancer.


People flock to sunglasses because they look great in them. There's nothing like a pair of sunglasses that look and fit like they should add that special flair to your face...and your wardrobe. From bringing out the best in your facial features to complimenting your outfit, sunglasses always add a sense of style. Even the color of the polarized lenses or the frames can brighten up the wearer's entire look because they are always in fashion.

Ways You Could Wear Regular Glasses and Sunglasses

Through the years, people who wear glasses have found innovative ways to fit sunglasses into their lives too. Some have resorted to clip-on sunglasses that are polarized. The problem with clip-on sunglasses is that they can scratch the lenses of your glasses. They also tend not to fit properly, so you are always adjusting the clipped area when you are wearing them which is not good for the longevity of your eyeglasses. The biggest problem with wearing sunglasses that clip on to eyeglasses is that the pair can become very awkward and heavy after a short time. Furthermore, wearing two sets of glasses (a polarized clipped one and regular eyeglasses) simply is not a stylish look. A rule of thumb is that no two pairs of spectacles should never share the same nose.

Believe it or not, there are people who put can be found wearing sunglasses directly over prescription glasses. It's not ideal by any stretch of the imagination and is, in fact, more uncomfortable than wearing clip-on polarized sunshades. The sunglasses are likely to scratch the eyeglasses underneath. The set is way too heavy and doesn't fit right. Plus, it is not good for your eyes to have two different lenses on.

Just because you can wear polarized glasses over prescription glasses certainly doesn't mean you should though. Due to the not-so-optimal (and definitely not attractive) methods of wearing prescription glasses and sunglasses described above, some people often think they have to choose between prescription glasses or sunglasses but there's a solution - prescription sunglasses.

Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses

Scores of people who wear sunglasses also have prescription glasses (every day or reading glasses) because they need corrective lenses to have proper vision. It simply doesn't work to wear regular sunglasses just to be stylish when you can't see where you're going without the use of prescription correction if your eyesight isn't the best. It is imperative for wearers of prescription lenses or who have the need for eyesight correction through a contact prescription to continue to use the corrective change designed to help them to see.

If you have a prescription to correct your vision, you should wear it all the time or you can damage your eyes. The best thing to do is to buy a pair of polarized prescription sunglasses. That way, you can have your cake and eat it too. You get a correction for your eye so you can see as you would if you had perfect visual perception and are able to experience protection from the light.

Prescription sunglasses allow people to wear sunglasses and to provide prescription protection to their eyes. That way, they can shield their eyes from the sun outside and have protection against its harmful rays and have their sight problem solved as well. When you buy prescription sunglasses, it's a win-win.

How to Pick a Pair of Polarized Prescription Eyeglasses

When you decide to get polarized prescription eyeglasses. you should choose a pair you really like. Think outside the box. There are several aspects you will need to take into consideration your overall vision, the frame of the sunglasses, and you will need to think about your eyesight as well.

Fine Print

Do be sure to check out the rights reserved when searching a website or online store for your eyewear. You want to be aware of all the manufacturer divulges about them prior to your purchase.

Fashion Forward

It is ideal for the frames to be a color that flatters your face as well as a color that matches most outfits in your wardrobe. You can always go with brown, brown-black, solid black, or another neutral color that would go with anything.

Fabulous Fit

Fashion isn't everything though. Be sure the fit is secure but not so tight it will put indentions on your skin. You would benefit by making make sure the frames are high quality and sturdy. The way a pair of glasses fits will also typically determine how long it will last because glasses are not made to suffer too much abuse, like being too tight on their wearers. Ill-fitting spectacles last no time at all. They will work best when they are made to fit properly.

Get Framed

You will want to choose a fashion of frame that actually frames the shape of your face so they don't look too large or too small. What shape is a good shape? That's a common question. If you don't think you can tell how the style of a frame fits you by looking in a mirror, you could get a friend to go with you to share their opinion to help you choose a good pair. Make sure if one is helping, they check to be sure both the frame of the glasses and the shape of the eye lens are appealing on you. The color of the lens should complement your eyes too.

Ease On In

Getting used to polarized prescription eyewear may not happen automatically. You may need to transition into them. At first, you can take off the polarized glasses when it is dark since the special lens are designed for wearing in the light. It is difficult to look out of a polarized lens during the length of time you are indoors. Wearing non-shaded glasses inside is generally recommended. Put the polarized ones back on when you go outside. After you are used to them, you can wear them inside if you decide to, but most people don't choose to.