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How To Store Sunglasses

How To Store Sunglasses

Posted by Shark Eyes on 23rd Jan 2021

If you've ever gone to grab last year's sunglasses and found that they were in complete disarray due to their improper storage, you'll be happy to know there are some things you can do to properly store your sunglasses that will greatly extend their life span. Sunglasses can cost a pretty penny and since you don't want to throw your money away each time you go to the store to buy a new pair of sunnies, below you will find some tips that can help you take care of your investment.

Sunglass Storage Solutions 101

Organized storage is a great way to take care of your shades. By organizing your sunglasses and glasses, you'll be able to store them safely. Proper storage is always the best way to keep your sunglasses from getting stepped on, lost, or otherwise damaged. Be sure your organizer has a place for every pair of sunglasses and glasses so you can secure them all.

There are many sunglasses organizer storage solutions on the market that are designed specifically for sunglasses and glasses. You will find such storage solutions at many full-service eyewear shops and at organization stores as well.

How do you organize your sunglasses yourself?

Not only can you find premade organizer products, you can also come up with innovative ways to create a space for your pairs of sunglasses. Here are some simple and fun DIY ideas:

Glasses Holder

You could make a glasses holder case using hooks on a wooden board. Simply screw the hooks into place on the board so that the pairs of glasses can hang on them. Make sure each frame is separated so it doesn't touch the frame of another, potentially scratching one or both pairs. Hand the wooden organizer on the wall or set it in a safe place such as on a dresser or vanity.

Glasses Hanger

Talk about easy! This hanging sunglasses organizer is a cinch and it's uniquely different too. It is cheap and guaranteed to keep your sunglasses safe and handy too. Get a wooden or metal clothes hanger - the thicker, the better. Use it to hang your pairs of sunglasses on the flat side of the hanger. Place the finished product on the wall, hanging in a way in which you can see it when you want to grab a pair of sunglasses.

Just in Case

If you want to keep your sunglasses in a drawer, you could always employ a simple jewelry case or something similar where your shades can fit into compartments. You can further organize them via style, brand, color, or shape. Being in a drawer is a great way to keep them from getting dusty too.

Rack 'Em Up

Picture your sunglasses as art and rack them up in style when you put them on a shoe rack and display them as something decorative to your room. Just find a rack you like and slide the sunglasses over the top. Space them out on the display to keep them safe and so they don't get scratched or damaged.

Something New, Something Old

To get more ideas on creative sunglass display projects, get online, and search for an article sunglass displays to make. You are sure to get tons of results. You may even find articles or photos that give you information on ideas you might like or, use can use your imagination. You could also check out how sunglasses shops get organized, how they store their wares, or how they store them in a drawer. All you need is a bright idea and a little time and you are sure to have a top-notch way to secure your sunglasses

Frequently Asked Sunglass Storage Questions

Here are some common questions about storing sunglasses. Reading through the different questions may help you find simple solutions to the age-old problem of keeping sunglasses in one piece when they aren't in use. The answers may even help you to think of some ways of your own.

Where should sunglasses be stored in the car?

Many pairs of sunglasses have been ruined by being tossed around in the car. A similar situation may have happened to you. To solve the problem, you could secure them from the visor or the interior rearview mirror. They will be there anytime you need them. But, you'll need to put them back up after each time you use them. You can also purchase an auto sunglasses organizer from almost any full-service eyewear shop.

How do you store reading glasses?

Reading glasses can be stored in the exact same way sunglasses are stored, using all of the methods above.

Sunglasses come in all styles, colors, and shapes. Some are a dime a dozen and others cost a small fortune. No matter what kind yours are or how much they cost, they are yours. The suggestions above will assist you in protecting them so you can enjoy them for years to come.