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How to Measure for Fitover Sunglasses

How to Measure for Fitover Sunglasses

Posted by Shark Eyes on 15th Oct 2021

Fitover sunglasses are protective eyewear that goes over prescription glasses to provide protection from damaging UV rays. They also shield your eyes from obnoxious glares caused by the sun. It is important to make sure your fitover fits correctly over your prescription glasses or the purpose will be defeated.

Read on to find out how to take the frame measurements from your prescription eyewear frame for an optimized fit of your fit over sunglasses so you can simply click on a shop to get your fitover and you will understand the ordering process and will be able to link to the fitover that most closely resembles the one that's the best fit.

Fitovers for Prescription Glasses

If you already have prescription glasses, you can save money on protecting your eyes from the sun by purchasing a fitover versus sunshade prescription eyewear that is designed to make sure of the glasses you wear every day. The fitovers fit over sunglasses are designed to be placed securely over the prescription eyewear frame, achieving the same result as if you were to buy expensive sunglasses prescription eyewear but for a fraction of the cost. The concept is genius because instead of having two sets of prescription eyewear to deal with that are designed to address vision correction, you only have one pair of prescription eyewear since the fit over sunglasses utilizes the prescription eyewear you already own and maintain.

Frame Measurements

Prescription frames come in a myriad of styles and sizes so it is important to measure your prescription eyewear frame to ensure your fitover will be the right size. You will want your fitover to be slightly larger than your prescription eyewear frame for a fashionable fit and for the best fit to serve the purpose of shielding your eyes. For example, if the glasses you have worn for the past few months are larger than the fitover, you will lose the benefits of accurate fitting glare blocking which can be dangerous when driving and uncomfortable too.

Be sure the eyeglasses you have worn for a while are designed right and that you can see well out of them. If so, it is time to take the size fit over sunglasses in inches so you can order without error because any error in sizes can cause big problems in the way the set fits. Select with care when you choose a fitover to pair with the eyeglasses you have worn already.

Here are some tips to doing the math so your prescription eyewear frames line up perfectly with your fitover in order to provide comfort and function, making your prescription eyewear a valuable two-in-one investment without having to buy both prescription sunglasses and prescription eyewear. Because you will wear the eyeglasses and frame you have worn for a while, you will be saving money and resolving a fashionable fit. But, only if the width is balanced. If the width of the fitover doesn't coordinate, you'll be wasting money because the frame of your glasses should be just a little smaller than the frame of your fitover.

Your frame should be wide x figured with the frame height. The widest fit will be figured with the width so wide x will be the measurement of the width of the frame and wide x will represent the inches or mm from the sides of the frame at the widest point. Wide x is a common number way to calculate that when choosing the fitover and making a cart buy. The width is extremely important or the frame of your eyeglasses may not coordinate with the frame of your fitover for the closest fit.

Importance of a Proper Fit

Since you have already worn your current glasses, you know they are the correct prescription and the right fit so all you have to do is purchase a fitover to wear over the glasses you've already worn, fitovers are designed to go over the frame and are not designed to provide any prescription assistance. It's important to understand what the respective parts are designed to do and the duties each are to perform.

Saving Money

While your worn glasses are designed to provide the correction you need to see properly, fitovers are designed to provide the protection and shielding your eyes require. If you have never worn the eyeglasses you are going to be using to fit a fitover over, you may want to wear them for a time before investing in a fitover. Once you have worn them and are sure they are a good fit for you, you will use the worn eyeglasses frames in measuring to inches to ensure the best fit.

Steps to Measure for Fit Over Sunglasses

  1. Determine the shape of your prescription eyewear frame such as round, square, oval, or rectangle. The shape of your fitover should be the exact same as the shape of your pair of glasses that you have worn for a while. Never attempt to put a different shape over your eyeglasses because there will be areas of your eyeglasses that aren't covered where the shape differs and you won't get the proper size fit. Fitovers are designed to be larger than the eyewear style you have already worn.
  2. Measure the full width of your prescription eyewear glasses at the widest points from ear to ear of your eyeglasses prescription frames. Be sure you measure correctly, double-checking and then figuring wide x 2 in order to include the width of both lenses and frames, and be careful you measure your glasses the widest fit for the closest fit possible. Determine the measurements in inches.
  3. Measure the height of your prescription eyewear frames including all the space that will be covered by your lens covers sunglasses as it fits over sunglasses and is designed to be a bit larger in height and width. When you measure the height, figure in inches. The height should be very close to the fitover size height.
  4. Write down the figures you come up with and then add a little to the inch measurement so you know the fit of the fitover you select is slightly larger in size than the glasses you've worn. Check the sizes of fitovers available and click on the one that is the best one to choose, making sure the fitover is a little larger in width and height but not as much as an inch, or that will be too much.
  5. Now, you are ready to purchase a fitover that is designed to fit over your eyeglasses frames by way of a clip. In order to ensure the size and frames fit is perfect, go by the inches of the widest part with the number of inches of the tallest part of the eyewear you have worn and are sure has a good fit. Some foreign fitovers may be figured in metric but if you take measurements in inches, use a guide so you can convert to standard USA measurements (inches).

Size Matters

When you choose your fitover by measuring the size of the worn eyewear including the frames , select the fitover that best fits and click on to purchase after you have created an account designed for making purchases and keeping up with your account and to be informed when they have a sale or promotion. You can also leave items in your cart and they will be displayed when you come back to your cart at a later date.

The Fine Details

Don't forget to read fitover reviews. Referring to impartial third-party reviews is especially helpful and is a great guide when choosing your prescription eyewear frame.

Identify important details such as if the fitover is polarized or not. Polarized fitovers will greatly increase the amount of protection you get from the sun and its glare. Polarized fitovers are very popular and are quite popular because polarized versions are considered to be the ultimate in vision protection.

Go for styles that are lightweight. Even if the height is tall, having a pair that is lightweight will ensure the light is kept out of your eyes but that they aren't too heavy. But, also be sure the size isn't so large your eyeglasses are overwhelmed by the fitover or they won't block light. Height is important to ensure the size is balanced and width figuring is imperative too when dealing with your prescription eyewear frame.

Be Super Sure

Double-check the size. Be sure you are figuring mm if the product goes by mm. Some go by mm and others use USA measurements such as inches.

When converting mm, you can't be too sure you have the size right so double-check yourself. It is important the size is perfect or its size may be too large or may hit your nose if the height is too tall on your prescription eyewear frame.

Metric and Standard Measurements

Determine mm and what measurement they are ordered by like mm or millimeters. Millimeters and mm measurements can be confusing but much of the world uses mm and millimeters rather than inches. Click on a conversion chart online and figure millimeters or so you know you have figured correctly.

To make your purchase based on the fitover that best resembles the figures you have, simply click on the item displayed and it will go into the cart. You can view the cart at any time to make sure it is loading correctly. Double-check the height of the fitover and that you have converted inches into mm properly. If the information of the fitover displayed lines up with the size you need, you can make the final commitment on your prescription eyewear frame.

Purchasing the Perfect Fitover for Prescription Eyewear Frame

Decide if you want to spend a medium amount of money or if you want to go for the top of the line or the most economical style. Decide what type of clip for your pair of frames you want in the fitover you buy and if you want to spend a medium amount or go the most expensive or the cheapest route. Double-check that the fit and the size will be optimal. Ensure that you have the size right from the height to the width.

Before you pay, read the fine print and be sure that everything is in order. Check the guide and if you are certain, go ahead and commit to your fitovers.

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