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How to Keep Sunglasses From Slipping

How to Keep Sunglasses From Slipping

Posted by Shark Eyes on 15th Jul 2021

It seems to never fail. Just when you're trying to show off your new shades, there they go...slipping down your nose again. There's nothing more obnoxious than sunglasses slippage but now, you can keep your glasses in place in just a few simple steps.

Keeping Your Glasses from Slipping Depends on the Problem

Before you can find the solution to prevent your glasses from slipping, it's important to diagnose the problem. Once you've located the issue, fixing it should be a breeze.

Where are your Glasses Slipping From?

Sunglasses can slip from any area they secure to such as the bridge of your nose or your ears. If they don't fit properly, your glasses may slip throughout the day which is very frustrating and uncomfortable.

Once you have pinpointed the location of the problem, it's time to check things out even further. Is your ear hook lose? Is your nose pad faltering? If so, those issues can be easily remedied.

Nose Pads

If your nose pads are not fitting right or are damaged, they can be replaced whether they are the traditional screw-in type or are the snap-on style. Follow these simple steps:

Replacing Nose Pads

Nose pads for eyeglasses are basically cushioned pieces that fit on the bridge of your nose to hold your glasses on and keep the lenses positioned in the correct place on your face. When they become worn or damaged, you'll need to make some adjustments or replace one or both. Here's how to replace a nose pad:

  1. Be sure to measure your existing nose pad so you can purchase the right new one. They range from 6-24 millimeters (0.24 to .94 inches). Keep in mind that for the most part, you'll want to get the same shape and size.
  2. Order your nose pad online or at a sunglasses or ophthalmologist-related shop. Nose pads come in glass, plastic, silicone, and rubber. Shapes include teardrop, circle, rectangle, and D-shaped. You can, however, upgrade to a more comfortable and effective style as long as it fits in place and is adjustable.
  3. Once you have the nose pad, the rest is easy. You can watch a video on the process online or just go by the directions that come with your product along with following these instructions.
  4. Take off the original nose pads by unscrewing them with an eyeglass screwdriver which will typically come with your order or by snapping them off (silicone) if they are that type. Attach the new ones on using the same method you did to get the old ones off and make sure they are well-secured when united.
  5. Try your sunglasses on. They should fit as good as new on your head and on your nose. If not, you can adjust them until they are comfortable and still offer the support you need.


If the nose padding of your eyeglasses isn't the problem with your slipping sunglasses, your oily skin may be the culprit. If you find your eyewear slipping a lot at the temple and your frames that hold the lenses are getting caught in your hair, check to see if the skin on your nose is oily. If so, you'll need to help your glasses stick.

Even those who don't have oily skin as a rule or have combination skin may be prone to an oily nose. Oily noses and sunglasses don't mix well because they will slide and slip and your frames will be all over the place and can easily tangle up in your hair which is obnoxious and painful. Prevent the discomfort and frustration with a little wax and be free of the problem.

In addition to patting the oil off your nose bridge from time to time to keep your glasses on properly, you can try a product called Nerdwax which will keep the frame on your glasses from slipping. Nerdwax is a cosmetic-grade wax that adheres to your skin that keeps your frames from sliding down your nose.

The special wax will stick to oil and is usually found in a tube and is inexpensive and easy to use. Simply apply to the bridge as directed and an anti-slip layer of friction will be created. You can also use the wax on the skin on the tops of your ears to keep the ear hooks of your sunglasses in place so they will fit securely at the temple and the tip of your ear. If it gets in your hair or makes contact with your face, don't worry. It will easily wash out.

Ear Slippage

Sunglasses that don't fit onto your ears properly can cause a myriad of problems. The arms of the eyewear typically don't fit securely. They are uncomfortable to wear because you are always having to push them back over your ears and the tip simply doesn't fit correctly. With a few adjustments, this problem can be eliminated though.

Ear Hooks

Ear hooks for your ears, also called temple tips, help set your glasses in place. A temple tip are usually made of silicone or a substance that offers a comfortable surface for your ears. They slide over the arms of your pair of glasses or sunglasses and then hook onto the backside of your ear to keep them from sliding. Most are designed not to tangle in your hair or in your hair ties which is a huge plus.

The glasses ear hooks can be adjusted for a natural fit on your face and ears. They are quite discrete so no one will see them behind your ears, providing the perfect solution in many instances. Even when you wear hair ties, you usually can't detect them.

A Hack to Tighten the Fit of Your Glasses

Another way to prevent the ear tips of your sunglasses from slipping off your ears is to tighten the actual glasses with a simple adjustment with this hack. If you have a metal frame, you can gently bend the metal at the temples. Don't bend too hard or you could break the frames.

If you have plastic frames, you can use a heat shrink hack. Just heat the frame in very warm water. When the eyeglasses are pliable, slowly and gently manipulate them at the temples so they fit tighter.

You may need to heat them several times and work to adjust the temples but remember not to bend them in a manner that will cause the sunglasses to break. Adjust the arms and the tips but not too much at a time.

Size of Glasses

When you are buying glasses, be sure you get the right fit to begin with. If you have a small head, you may need a special pair of smaller glasses in order to ever have the right fit. Or, if you have a larger head, your glasses may need to be larger.

No More Glasses Slipping Down Your Nose or Off Your Ears

Sunglasses and glasses are made to help protect your eyes and to be fun, stylish, and comfortable. They should feel natural on your head.

Glasses should find support behind your ear and the bridge of your nose and should never slide down. If they don't fit securely, you will dread to wear them.

Sunglasses are definitely not free. A pair of upper-end sunglasses can cost a good bit of money. Be sure your money isn't wasted by trying the helpful information above. It could prevent you from having to buy a new pair.