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How to Keep Reading Glasses Handy

How to Keep Reading Glasses Handy

Posted by Shark Eyes on 30th Oct 2020

You might be surprised (or not) to learn that according to the Bureau of Accessory Statistics, United States citizens lose more pairs of glasses and sunglasses per individual than any other country. More than 1.6 billion pairs of glasses are lost annually earning them a top spot on the list of the most difficult things to keep up with. The statistics are clearly not good for America's vision.

The History of Reading Glasses

Reading glasses were invented in approximately 1000 AD. They were actually called reading stones because they were not much more than glass spheres placed onto the reading material in order to magnify it. It lets bends and allows light into the lens in order to perfect vision. Eyeglasses designed for wearing didn't come along until 1284 but when they did, they made a world of difference in because they were helpful to many who could not focus well without the use of corrective lenses. They must have felt as if they had finally seen the light. The frames were very rough back then as you have available today in every shape and size, like sunglasses.

How Glasses Work

Glasses for reading (also known as readers), help eye vision that is diminished due to presbyopia which is basically the inability to focus on objects that are up-close. The condition is commonly associated with the eye lens becoming rigid over time and thus affects many older individuals. The need for a reading prescription or non-prescription reading glasses is certainly not limited to the older generation, however. Some young children even need to wear glasses.

The lenses of reading glasses are designed to assist the lens of the eye when it makes contact with an object or reading material that is in close range. The glasses are convex, meaning they curve outward, so they cause things that are nearby to appear more clear.

Many individuals who use glasses don't require a special formulation as long as the readers are convex. In that case, they are able to buy ready-made readers such as those that you'll find in a drug store or one-stop-shop. Customers typically are able to choose a frame they are fond of and that fits best on them and compliment their face like they do when they shop for sunglasses. Frames come in many varieties like sunglasses too.

Look for glasses and sunglasses that frame your face and flatter your features. Shop for glasses (or sunglasses) that aren't too large if you have a small neck and face and aren't too small if your face is large. Check reviews before you shop so you see the frames that are available and choose the right one.

Sometimes individuals need an RX in order to reap the full benefits of reading glasses because their one eye or both eyes don't fit the general mold. With a professional exam, however, they are able to see great when they put on the finished product in a frame because it more accurately correlates the power of the glasses lense to the need of the lens of their eye.

The Problem with Readers

If you need glasses but you aren't wearing them because you don't know where they are and it's too inconvenient to search for them, they aren't going to help you much. You won't be able to see very well without them. Sometimes, it's even difficult to find them because you are wearing glasses. They could be right under your nose and you might still look right over them. That's definitely no good.

Life is hard when you can't focus great and your view is blurred. Your lens can become strained and you may acquire a headache, especially when exposed to the light. You need your readers where you can find them so you can make sure to wear them when you require them to see your best. You should be able to find them quickly without little effort so it doesn't take too long to locate them.

The Solution: Creative Ways to Keep Your Glasses Handy

Life is just a blur when you end up having to clean around the entire house just to find your glasses. You're going to love these simple, yet innovative, things you can do to help you stay up with your glasses:

  • When you use them to read during the day and finish what you are reading, lay your glasses in a certain spot.
  • You can get new readers on a neck chain that go around your neck so you won't misplace them and will always have them when you want them.
  • You can find a magnetic strip product that costs very little but still have your glasses in plain view when you are not using them. You may also be able to find a magnetic chain that fits around your neck too.
  • When you clean your readers, be sure to always return them back where they belong. You can also store your cleaning products near the central location that works best to keep your readers. This will make a lot of difference when you get to needing your spectacles.
  • If you lay your glasses down where it is light and in clear view, you will be better able to locate them in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Give your glasses a quick clean when you have them around your neck and if you set them in a new place, be sure to make a mental note.
  • When you are cleaning your home, if you notice your glasses are out of place, return them where they belong immediately.
  • You can shop for a frame that stands out so it's not too hard to locate when lost.
  • Get used to carrying your glasses around your neck for safekeeping.
  • Have multiple pairs of readers so you have one set in the places you go during the day and another pair (or two) for beside the bed and spots you frequent at night time. Secure your best pair in a case to prevent scratching them or having to be constantly cleaning them.
  • Get new lenses that are tinted for outdoors and have them put in a frame. Have them in a location so you'll be ready to grab them when you read or write outside.

Where to Shop for Glasses

When you shop for new readers, you'll want to visit the website or store to find discover what is offered. Not only do you want a pair that you experience great vision out of, but you'll also want to make sure you get a pair with a good, sturdy frame too. In fact, we have most any frame you can imagine in our vast selection. It's a good idea to shop in several spots so you can compare prices and styles. Be sure to read the reviews in full. You want a frame that lasts.

Reviews offer non-biased customer feedback. To get the full scope of the products, make sure the content of the review is not made up by the dot com site it is on by seeing if information about the glasses are found on other dot com sites too. Avoid sites that demand you to give your email address before visiting the site or try to force you to make a quick decision.

You may also locate a shop on Facebook or search other social media channels when people share or on a website for glasses, like a dot com.

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