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How to Clean Polarized Sunglasses

How to Clean Polarized Sunglasses

Posted by Shark Eyes on 4th Feb 2023

If you have sunglasses, you know you need to clean them. But tidying up polarized sunglasses can be tricky so it's easy to put them off until they are a smeared mess. If that's the case with you, there are some easy fixes. Find out how to clean polarized sunglasses in a cinch.

What Are Polarized Sunglasses?

Before you worry too much about how to clean polarized sunglasses, it's a good idea to know what polarized sunglasses are so you'll know if your sunglasses do, in fact, have polarized lenses.

Some people mistakenly think just because sunglasses are reflective or have mirrors that they are automatically classified as being polarized. That's untrue.

If you are wanting to maximize the protection you get from a pair of sunglasses, be sure to check to see if the pair you are interested in are authentic.

Polarized sunglasses are made a certain way and must be classified as such.

Only those that meet the specifications are true blue polarized sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses aremade to be anti-reflective. That means they block some of the glare and brightness that can make outdoor activities uncomfortable or even dangerous - like playing golf, snow skiing, and driving.

Polarized lenses cause specific colors to appear more vibrant so they can give your vision a boost just as regular glasses do.

Polarized sunglasses also block out harmful UV rays. The thin coating on the lenses contains a special chemical that polarizes it.

The chemical is laminated in vertical patterns which serve to reorganize light. This is a process that the eye recognizes and a command the brain obeys - to reorganize light that comes in a vertical pattern.

Polarized lenses are mirrored sunglasses which means if anything gets on the lens surface, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

If your polarized sunglass lenses fit the description above, they are probably polarized sunglasses.

It's time to learn how to clean your shaded glasses so you can actually see out of the lens...right?

The Pain of Cleaning Polarized Sunglasses

Cleaning polarized lenses can be a headache because they tend to absorb dust, salt residue, dirt, and slimy grime.

It seems they are always getting dingy and dirty, even when they are not being used and are just sitting around because that's when they collect dust.

You may be afraid to clean polarized sunglasses with anything for fear the polarized lens will lose its protective coating on the glasses.

Polarized glasses are resilient though - as long as you keep them clean.

Not cleaning them is likely to do more damage than you will clean them in the wrong fashion.

When you are not giving your protective lenses proper care, the protective layer is practically useless, and they won't do much to reduce glare either.

Cleaning Polarized Lenses the Easy Way

Many people think polarized lenses have to be cleaned with a lens cleaner solution due to the nature of the glasses lens. That's not true though.

Glasses can be cleaned in ways you've probably never dreamed of.

It may come as a surprise to learn that using glasses lens cleaner for polarized lenses isn't exactly the best way to get the job done. Besides being expensive, lens cleaner often leaves smudges.

You may have seen tips to clean polarized sunglasses posted on social media but forgot what the suggestions were.

The bottom line is no more excuses.

Remember what your sunglasses looked like when you bought them? Wouldn't you like to have them squeaky clean again?

Wouldn't you also like to be able to see out of your glasses again?

It's time to quit putting the cleaning off before you land in a world of trouble being in a dangerous situation with the sun glaring, blocking your vision.

Don't worry that it is going to cost a fortune. These cleaning remedies are designed to be inexpensive.

There's no use in spending a ton of money to clean your sunglasses when you can practically clean them for free.

Without further ado, it's time to unveil the best sunglasses cleaning solutions ever.

Here are seven great ways to properly clean polarized lenses easily and affordably so your shades work in bright conditions as they are supposed to.

  1. Microfiber Cloth for Sunglasses

    You've probably seen microfiber cleaning cloths for glasses and windshields, but did you know they are safe and effective for use on polarized lenses too? They wipe away almost everything.

    Microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning polarized sunglasses.

    Just wipe the lenses off with soft microfiber cloths or any lint-free cloth and the polarized lenses will be crystal clear once more.

    Oh, don't forget to wipe the nose pads with one of your microfiber cloths too.

    You will find a soft microfiber cloth selection in the cleaning supply or in the lens cleaner section of most stores.

    You can pick a handful up at a dollar store for next to nothing.

    Be sure not to use a paper towel or other cloths made of paper to clean lenses because they can scratch the surface of your polarized sunglasses.

  2. Put a Little Water on Them

    Warm water works wonders for cleaning lenses that are polarized, and it costs practically nothing. Don't use hot water as extreme temperatures can damage the lenses.

    Simply run the water over the sunglasses to rinse them then dry them off with a soft, clean cloth.

    If this method doesn't work with water alone, you can add a tiny bit of mild soap and repeat the steps to clean your polarized sunglasses without harming them by getting harsh chemicals on the lens coating.

    Your sunglasses should be sparkling now.

  3. Window Cleaner or Any Quality Glass Cleaner

    Glass cleaner, like window cleaner, will get all the dirt off your polarized lens and will leave them streak-free too if you use a clean cotton cloth to dry them immediately.

    If you put them on an uneven surface, you'll be able to look at the light intensity from an angle to ensure they are clean and will eliminate glare as they are intended to.

    Be sure to use a high-quality cleaning solution or you may damage the lens.

  4. Hydrogen Peroxide

    You can make a formulation of hydrogen peroxide to clean your polarized sunglasses.

    Mix 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide into a full bowl of warm water.

    Dip a soft cloth in the solution and gently wipe the lenses of your sunglasses until they are clean but not so hard you scratch them.

    Rinse the polarized lenses in cold water and dry them immediately with a soft. Again, be sure not to scratch them.

  5. Fabric Softener

    To get your new pair (or old pair) of sunglasses sparkling clean and smelly pretty too, you can use fabric softener to remove smudges and other particles.

    Mix a 1/4 cup of fabric softening with a cup of water.

    Apply the solution onto your lenses and rub with your fingers, making sure not to scratch them.

    Rinse with warm water and dry immediately with a soft cotton cloth.

    Your glasses should be looking like they are brand spanking new.

  6. Baking Soda

    Since baking soda is a natural cleaning product, it is gentle and effective to use to clean polarized lenses without damaging the outer coating.

    All you do is remove debris or dirt from the lenses with a soft, dry cloth. Wet the lenses with a little warm water then add a small amount of baking soda to form a paste.

    Gently rub the solution paste into the lenses then rinse them off thoroughly and dry them with a microfiber cloth.

    Be sure there are no streaks or smudges.

    Your pair of sunglasses will look like new again - greatly improving your vision because the anti-reflective coating will be working again.

  7. Rubbing Alcohol

    To clean sunglasses with rubbing alcohol, you'll want to follow these steps carefully as you could ruin your sunglasses.

    Remove any dirt and debris you can prior to cleaning the lens. The less dirt and debris on them, the better.

    Then pour a small amount of alcohol onto a clean, soft microfiber cloth. Rub the lenses gently in a circular motion.

    Rinse the lenses in warm water and dry them immediately.

Other Polarized Sunglasses Tips

To keep your sunglasses looking clean and fresh, it's not only important to properly clean them but to take care of them in other ways too.

You'll want to store your polarized sunglasses in a protective case so lint, dirt, and other materials that can harm them are nowhere in sight.

Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning your sunglasses.

Cleaning polarized lenses are not difficult but there are categories written in the specific care instructions that will tell you what you can and cannot clean them with.

You don't want to do anything to harm the protective coating put on to reduce glare because glare can be dangerous if you are driving.

If you purchase your sunglasses at the eyewear store, they may give you a special cleaning cloth.

It's a good idea to use it as it will be special for use on polarized eyewear. You can probably even order more of them.

Summing it All Up

Cleaning polarized sunglasses isn't an option, it's a must. Polarized lenses build up dust particles, get smudges, and collect lint.

If you are driving in traffic on a sunny day and your polarized lenses don't reduce glare on your glasses lens as intended, you could become blinded by the glaring light and have a wreck.

Polarized sunglasses are intended to be clean polarized sunglasses. They don't function properly if they aren't clean and certainly don't look good either.

Learning how to clean polarized sunglasses is imperative for safety's sake and so they don't look like a hideous mess.

Cleaning polarized sunglasses is much easier and quicker when you use one of the tried-and-true cleaning methods above.

You'll know how to clean your polarized sunglasses safely and quickly without damaging the lens or putting your glasses (or your vision) at risk.

Choose your sunglasses wisely.

You can get them practically anywhere but do make sure they are good quality so the protective lenses work effectively.

Buying the polarizing type is advisable so you have the maximum protection from glare and protection from harmful sun rays too.

Be sure to take care of your investment. Keep them clean and out of harm's way.

You may buy more polarized sunglasses, but you only get one set of eyes.

The lenses are designed to protect your eyes so do your part to do all you can to keep them clean and scratch-free.

Take care of your polarized sunglasses and they will take care of you.