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How to Choose Reading Glasses Frames

How to Choose Reading Glasses Frames

Posted by Shark Eyes on 23rd Mar 2021

When it comes to reading glasses, you not only want to choose a pair that has lenses to improve your vision, it's important to make sure your reading glasses frames are optimal too. From accentuating the shape of your face to complimenting your completion, the frame of a pair of reading glasses or prescription glasses can do it all if you know what to look for when you shop.

Pick the Perfect Reading Glasses for your Face Shape

The first step in choosing the best eyeglasses frame is to try to determine the shape and size of your face so you can balance those details with the frame of your readers, eyeglasses, sunglasses, or prescription vision-wear. To do this, pull your hair back from your face and conduct a quick exam to be sure which of the seven basic shapes is the right fit for your face.

To determine your face shape and which eyeglass styles will look best on you, pull your hair away from your face, take your glasses off if you are wearing glasses, and look directly into a mirror. Take a close look at the overall shape and contours of your face and head. Pick one of these shapes:


An oval face is probably considered the most ideal-shaped face because it is easy to balance with glasses frames. Simply pick glasses frames that have a width as wide or wider as that of the broadest area of your face. The width of walnut-shaped sunglasses or glasses is a perfect fit for an oval face as are many other styles of reading glasses frames that are available in almost any eyeglasses shop.


If you have a round face, it will look much like a circle. A round face needs some angles in order to off-set the continuous circular aspect of a round face. You sure don't want your glasses to be circular. Square or rectangle reading glasses frames are nice for this face shape. Cat-eye frames break up the circular look as well as the glasses will add to a variation. Because a round face shape has all curved lines, you will want to select shapes that are not round or curved. Angle shapes will give length to your face shape and eyeglass frames with a clear bridge will give a wider appearance to your face shape. Rectangular frames for readers and prescription eyeglasses are a fabulous style for round faces.


A square face is related to a broad forehead and a strong, somewhat wide, jaw. Unlike rectangular shapes, a square is equal on the top and the bottom. The length and width of your forehead and jaw will be very similar with each half being angular like a box. To give your square face a softer look, narrow frames will make your face shapeless square. Glasses and sunglasses with frames that have depth will also give you a less angular appearance as will narrow oval-shaped frames.


If your face has a narrow bottom third by your chin and a wide top third around your forehead, you have a heart-shaped face. The frame of your glasses or sunglasses should wider at the bottom than they are at the top to balance the extreme angles you already have, naturally. Frames that are thin or rimless are a good pick as are frames that are light in color which will complement your heart-shaped, full face.


When the length of your face is greater than the width of it, you have an oblong-shaped face. Your cheek line is long and straight as well. Glasses and sunglasses with frames that have more depth about them are great because they add more angles and will give your face balance. Another tip is to select a frame that has a decoration or contrast at the temples of the frame in order to suit your face shape.


If your face shape is diamond, you'll find that it is narrow around the jawline and forehead but broad where the cheekbones are. Your cheekbones are likely very high-set. The diamond face shape is the least common. The ideal approach to suit this type of face shape is rimless eyeglasses frames or even oval frames or cat-eye frames because you will attract attention to your eyes. Cat-eye frames may be the best frames for a diamond face shape and you can easily get by with adding some glitz and glam to the eyeglass frames too.

Base-Down Triangle

If your face shape consists of wide cheeks and chin and a small, narrow forehead, chances are you have a base-down triangle face. Your goal will be to add some width with the frame style of your readers or prescription eyeglasses so you can highlight the upper half part of your face. Readers with frames that have decorations on them will draw attention to the narrow-shaped areas of your face. Try choosing styles with colors that draw attention so you accent the brow of the frames and thus, take the total focus off your wide chin and cheeks. Cat-eye frames are wonderful to wear with this face shape too.

Color Matters

While the shape and style of the frame of your lens are ultra-imperative to consider, the color of your lens frames is vital to think about when choosing reading glasses or shaded glasses as well. From the color of your skin tone to the colors of your hair and eyes, you'll want to make sure the color of the frames of your glasses is a good fit for you.

Skin Tone

Skin tone is as important to consider when choosing frames for readers and sunglasses as finding styles that suit your face shape are. The colors of frames will either complement your skin tone or not. First, you will want to determine what the tone of your skin is. Next, you'll want to learn how to shop for the colors of frames that will look and feel best on you.

Skin tone is always cool or warm, no matter what the actual color of your skin may be. Cool-colored skin has pink and blue undertones while a warm complexion consists of peach and cream color undertones. Olive skin is blue and yellow-based so it is a cool color.

Eye Color

The color of your eyes greatly affects what coloration lenses and frames will look good on you. The two will be seen together, the color of your eyeglass frames and the coloring of your eyes. Try to make sure they go together. Colors can vary greatly. Even brown eyes can have an amber tint or they can be dark in coloration. Blue eyes can be almost gray or they can be a violet tone. When you take the tone into consideration, you can easily find a frame or lens that coordinates. If you get a tint, make sure you can read out of them because tints can affect your vision. Try any tinted glasses out first to make certain you can read well with them. Look away and then look back to make sure your eyes can focus well at a distance and up close.

Hair Color

Hair colors matter greatly when picking lenses and frames. By using these terrific tips, you can nail your decision. Like skin tones, they are warm or cool. Warm hair is gold-tone brown, brownish-black, golden blond, and some grays, like dirty gray. Cool hair is strawberry blond, bluish-black, auburn, salt-and-pepper, and platinum.

Lens Color

It can't be stressed enough to make sure the tint in your lenses is not going to interfere with your vision. You must be able to read out of your lenses. Your vision is the most important because it has to do with your eye health. After considering your vision, you can determine how the tint of your frames goes with your eyes, hair, and skin tone. Try them on. If you have warm coloring, you will want to choose copper, peach, warm blues, reds, off-white, coral, or orange as a rule. If you are cool in your coloring, go for black, silver, magenta, bluish-gray, and light or medium rose-brown. The tint of your lens goes by the same formula.

Reading Glasses that Do it All

Choosing eyeglasses frames that complement your face shape and your skin tone is ideal. You can find a book or article on the subject and truly master the art of looking optimal in your eyewear.

Vision Health

You will look good and feel great when you consider how your frames are related to the facts about your face. But, don't leave out the most important considerations when it comes to readers and prescription eyeglasses which is seeing a doctor who specializes in eye health.


In this article, hopefully, you will discover how important eyeglasses frames are but don't discount how important the lenses are as well. An eye doctor will give you an exam to determine if you can wear readers or if you need a prescription for eyeglasses, such as for bifocals for near and farsightedness. The small fee you will pay is well worth it because you only get one set of eyes.

The Fine Details

You want to take care of your eyes the best you can and feel comfortable that the eyewear your wearing is the ultimate choice. You may need help from the lenses seeing at a distance or for reading up close. When reading an article, are you able to see the fine print? When reading online, do your eyes feel strained and tired? Your eyes may be sensitive to the light or you may have astigmatism. When you pay the small fee and visit an eye doctor, you'll know you have gone the distance for the sake of your sight. Wearing the correct readers or prescription eyeglasses that are perfect for your eye vision will make all the difference in the world.

All-Inclusive Awesome Eyeglasses

Once you have secured your eye exam and have determined your eye health, you will want to choose a pair of eyeglasses or readers that are conducive to your vision, with lenses that fulfill whatever your eye exam revealed. You will also want a pair of glasses that are a style and color that bring out your best features, from the color of the lens and the frames to the shape them. Choose lenses that provide the best vision and also the best style. You can have the best of both worlds in one pair of glasses when you choose them according to the tips you have just read.