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How to Carry Reading Glasses

How to Carry Reading Glasses

Posted by Shark Eyes on 28th May 2021

Once you get used to being able to see better with your reading glasses, you'll never want to be without them so you'll probably want to take them wherever you go. But, if they get scratched or broken in the process, you'll find yourself in a real jam. Read on to learn valuable information about glasses and some great tips to help you keep your reading glasses safe when you carry them...

How to Carry Your Glasses

There are many ways to safely carry a pair of glasses or sunglasses. Here are some of the best:

Soft Case

A padded case allows you to transport or store your readers without risking the lenses getting a scratch. You can find them on Amazon, in an optical clinic, or at most retail or drug stores. To find the best cases, read the consumer review information about them because they are not all created equally.

Purse Pocket

Some purses are specially designed to protect eyeglasses that are placed in a padded pocket which keeps them from being damaged by the stuff in your purse or bag like your wallet or change. The fact that the pocket is separate from the rest of the compartments also means you'll never have to search through your bag to find them. When you are ready to wear them, they will be there for you.

Hard Case

Especially if you share your home with someone, you will want your protective gear to be hard so even if your spectacles are stepped on, they won't break. Those who share their home with children, or share with active teens need to also share that their hard case is not to be opened. That is something not to be share. When you share cases, you may get your spectacles mixed up and you certainly don't want to share them. To find out the best hard cases, read what consumers have to share about them. Then, when you find one you like, it is a good idea to share that information. You should also share if the case is not what you expected. Share what you found to be lacking. Share about the quality and share the price and condition of the case. The more you can share, the better. So, share, share, share!

Share the good news when you locate a purse that offers good protection. You can share on social media or by word of mouth but it is always helpful for people to share with you and for you to share with others.

Neck Chain

Wearing spectacles around your neck on a chain is a sure-fire way to make certain you are never without them and never have to search for them any time you want to wear them. As long as you don't bump into something, the lenses will remain without a scratch. If you find a great chain, share it with others who may be looking for the same. Likewise, you can see who is able to share about chains they like.

Facts About Reading Glasses

While the first form of glasses was invented somewhere around 1000 AD, it wasn't until 1284 that wearable glasses came on the scene. And when they did, the age-old problem began. They got scratched or broke when carried around. In an attempt to remedy the situation, Spanish eyeglass manufacturers attached ribbons around the lenses which could be looped around the wearer's ears. Later on, the concept was improved upon and temple arms were created.

Still, it wasn't practical to wear glasses all the time. Eyeglass cases and eyeglass bag devices surfaced to help protect glasses and sunglasses. Throughout the years even more innovative ways to carry readers have been discovered.

Types of Glasses and Sunglasses

Some people wear sunglasses simply to protect their eyes from the sun or because they are in style. Prescription spectacles and sunglasses are worn to correct your sight. Readers are worn to correct up-close vision like that which is needed when you read or to see a cell phone or computer screen. Readers can be purchased on Amazon or off the shelf at many retail stores without an RX or can be purchased with a prescription after an eye exam is administered. Bifocals correct both near-sightedness and far-sightedness. Bifocals are worn to read as well as for daily activities.

How Glasses are Constructed

Before you can properly understand how to take care of your glasses or sunglasses, it's important to know how they are built. Lenses are the "glass" part of a pair of glasses that you look through so the lenses are extremely important and can be fragile too. The lenses are attached to wire or plastic in the frame that actually frames your face. The nose bridge keeps them positioned on the bridge of your nose while the temple arms slide over your ears to keep them from falling off of your head.

How Can Readers Become Damaged?

While reading spectacles and sunglasses are constantly being improved with new technology, they can easily become damaged or ruined when you are not wearing them. They are not free so you want to take care of them. If you slide them in your purse or stuff them in your shirt pocket, they can cause the lens to get scratched. Laying them on the table or desk can not only put them in danger of acquiring a scratch but puts them at risk of getting broken or lost too.

Know Before You Buy

Whether you are buying a chain for protecting your lenses or any other case or protective gear, you want to make sure you are getting a quality product. Protect what protects your eyes. You will never regret the small investment.