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Cheap Wholesale Products for Resale

Cheap Wholesale Products for Resale

Posted by Shark Eyes on 29th Oct 2021

With prices of most everything reaching monumental highs in the past few years, it's nice to know that it's still possible to get a good deal. Buying at a wholesale price cuts costs and makes good sense, especially in these turbulent times.

In this article, you'll learn some tips for dealing with wholesale suppliers, how to find the best wholesale price, and you'll find a list of 10 cheap wholesale products for resale to get you started in your wholesale pursuit for your retail business.

What Wholesale Suppliers Do

Wholesale distributors sell wholesale items in bulk amounts. They are about to acquire their goods at discounted prices since they buy in huge volumes. In turn, they sell in smaller bulks to retail businesses such as online store owners, e-commerce store owners, sellers on other online marketplaces, and for those who sell online or at physical stores.

The idea is for retailers to find wholesale suppliers in order to purchase profitable wholesale products. It is imperative that the prices be cheap enough for them to make money yet the quality must be adequate so they can resale them without complaints or dealing with returned items. You want excellent retail prices but not to give up quality in the process. of attaining the wholesale products.

Sometimes, it gets tricky when trying to create an online business model on wholesale products because cheap wholesale products aren't always of good quality and wholesale suppliers aren't always trustworthy. Retail arbitrage is often encountered so you need to do a great deal of research to find a wholesale supplier who has the best prices.

Finding Wholesale Prices with Profit Margin

Since the idea of shopping for great deals particular product at a wholesale price is to make a profit when reselling, you will need to be sure what you intend to sell is a profitable item. Figuring out the retail price to sell at is imperative but takes some footwork.

When you buy wholesale, ask yourself what the supply and demand looks like in the product category? If you don't choose profitable items in product categories and do market research, you can lose money. Therefore, do all you can to find the best suppliers of products that are in demand. Find suppliers that offer unique goods when possible.

You will also want to check into exactly what other sellers with similar products are selling and what their price is so you can sell for a lower price. You will give yourself the upper edge by doing so.

The goal is to have low competition coupled with a low price. By having the lowest prices and giving the best deals, you will earn regular customers you can count on while still making a good profit.

There are a few different methods you can use to ensure your selling price is the best of the best. You can search for your product or products and check competition sites out or you can sell unique items no one else is selling. You don't want to end up with a higher price than another store. Regardless of how you go about it, you will want to set yourself up to succeed.

10 Items with Super Cheap Wholesale Prices

It's time to get your feet wet, so to speak. To give you an example and opportunity to get a taste of what the wonderful world of wholesale price has to offer, here are 15 wholesale products at prices you can't refuse:

Kole Imports

Kole Imports sells low-cost products such as toys, gifts, beauty products, skin care products, and novelty items. In addition to the items that are always listed for wholesale, you'll find clearance items for dirt-cheap prices and specials they run periodically too.

This wholesale central dealer is great for cheaper items. New shoppers are often given an additional discount. The cheap prices allow for more profit in the item category.

Kids love fidget hand spinners. This set of 68 turns out to be only 42 cents apiece when you buy in bulk. The toys bring a nice retail price and are always in demand. Talk about high-profit margins!

The handy tub container comes with the toys and is perfect for storing the toys in or if you have a physical store, you can set the tub on the counter to attract sales during the check-out process.

Wholesale Deals UK Tool Set

If you want to get the best retail price from items in the United Kingdom, Wholesale Deals UK is the business model where you can find cheap wholesale products on quality goods. You will need an account if you wish to see the retail prices but you can opt for a free account.

One of the best deals at this store is the tool section. This Stanley Tool Set contains a whopping 142 tools and comes in a handsome case. The price is so cheap, it is advertised it allows for a $183 mark-up from this wholesaler UK when figuring the retail price. Though the prices are in euros, you can convert the price into dollars.

Sam's Club Dog Treats

Sam's Club is membership only but most find it is well worth the investment. When you join Sam's Club, you typically get a great incentive such as $50 off your membership or free goods.

Pet supplies are one of the best departments you'll find at Sam's. From cat beds to dog food and small animal goods, Sam's Club has it all. Fifteen pounds of Milk-Bone dog treats is only $14 and some change. Now, that's a real tail-wagging deal. Whether you run a dog supply store or have a pooch that you'd like to pamper, the price is right to buy up a case of them.

Dear Lover Denim Jacket

Dear Lover is a wholesale company that caters to women's fashions. The top-notch seller has excellent prices and is a favorite of those who deal in female fashions.

One of the most popular items in the store is this black contrast leopard denim jacket that can be purchased for a mere $13. The material is cotton and polyester and it is available in three sizes.

If you own a store that is geared for women, you won't want to miss out on all this store has to offer.

Amazon Business Sharpie Set

Amazon Business is a smart place to shop if you use or sell business supplies. You can easily create an account to take advantage of the huge savings. Shipping comes quickly and the more you buy, the more you save.

This Sharpie set of Chisel tip highlighters comes with three markers and is available for only $11.15 but if you purchase in bulk, you can get them as low as $7.87 per set. Amazon is a trusted seller in both retail and wholesale.

Costco Huggies Diapers

Baby gear always sells well and if that is your target market, you're in luck. Costco is one of the best wholesale outlets to purchase a number of things such as security cameras, kids' toys, and baby items. One of the best-selling items in the baby item category of low-priced items at Costco is Huggies diapers.

Along with getting a fantastic deal, for a limited time Costco is offering an additional $10 off a package, of Huggies Plus, making a final low cost of 13 cents per diaper.

International Wholesale Company Christmas Headbands

You can buy wholesale dollar items at International Wholesale Company. Due to the super inexpensive prices, it is certainly possible to bring in maximum profits.

One of the main attractions for shoppers at this wholesale store is seasonal products. Children go wild over fun and festive Christmas headbands so why not buy them for next to nothing? At International Wholesale, simply create an account to reveal the price. The more you buy, the more you'll save.

Shark Eyes Sunglasses

Of course, we should also mention ourselves. Shark Eye is a leader in wholesale eyewear. At Shark Eyes, you are able to buy cheap wholesale products such as glasses and sunglasses without sacrificing quality. Imagine getting 12 high-fashion women's aviator-style Dazey Shade sunglasses for just $50.

With such profitable products, you can easily offer a fair retail price to your customers while saving a ton on quality products. Or, you can keep all 12 for yourself.

It's easy to find cheap wholesale products in the glasses and sunglasses realm at Shark Eye that are fashionable and in hot demand. Customers with online stores find the products magnificent for selling online and those with physical stores love that they also sell displays.

Alibaba Android Tablet

Alibaba is a trusted name in worldwide wholesale companies. They are headquartered in Chino but are known for having reliable suppliers. Their low wholesale prices make it a cinch for online retailers to sell products for profit.

How would you like a 10.1 Inch Android Tablet Pc with Touch Screen? It has 8GB and 256GB Wifi and has both a front camera and a rear camera.

From this stellar wholesale sourcing center, the price you'll pay is a mere $69 per tablet or $79 for a single sample. You'll only pay $68 for each tablet if you purchase 10 to 99 of them and even less the more you order. Many wholesalers don't allow cheap products to be sold individually, so Alibaba is a hit.

Tiger Claw

Contact sports like MMA and karate are hugely popular. Tiger Claw specializes in MMA, karate, and other contact sports equipment. From uniforms to boxing gloves and spar dummies, you'll find it all at Tiger Claw.

Tiger Claw fight gloves are priced to sell at just $49 which gives room for a nice mark-up. The more you buy at this store, the lower your price will be.

Do Your Homework

Successful wholesaling is accomplished like anything else. The more time you spend doing your homework, the better it will work out for you. By reading up on wholesale subjects such as those covered in this article, you will be a pro in no time.

The World of Wholesale

Once you learn your way around buying wholesale and selling retail, you'll quickly get the hang of it and the sky is the limit of where it will take you.