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What are the Best Sunglasses for Fishing?

What are the Best Sunglasses for Fishing?

Posted by Shark Eyes on 27th Feb 2021

If you're headed out for a fishing trip, you're going to need to take along a pair of sunglasses. The shades you take along can make or break your entire trip. Find out what the best fishing sunglasses are and why.

Polarized Sunshades

Polarized shades are specifically designed to provide protection from the sun. They also serve a myriad of other purposes. They cut down on the sun's glare and also reduce the reflection of the sun from glass, snow, and water. Since glare distorts the actual color of objects, including fish, it makes them difficult to see. Polarized shades enable you to see vivid colors instead of distorted blurs. Some have 100 UV protection. Polarized sun shades are awesome for outdoor activities such as sports, driving, and! You simply must have a pair of fishing polarized sunglasses if you're going to fish.

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Not only can you find polarized sunglasses that are perfect for your next fishing trip, but you can also find sunglasses for fishing that are specially made for the activity. This type of polarized sunshades have any lens colors, but the darker the lens of the sunglasses, the more UV protection they have in general. Some polarized fishing sunglasses (like Maui Jim) even have special features like a fantail shape or a special coating on the lenses.

Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

What are the best-polarized fishing sunglasses? That generally depends upon your taste and the type of fishing you are going to be doing - like sight fishing or fly fishing. It also depends on the location you'll be fishing in and how sunny or cloudy it will be. Polarized lenses vary in lens color so you can use any color for fishing purposes.

Will you have low light or will you be in the sun the entire day? The pair of polarized sun shades you choose for your fishing trip should be tailored to your personal plans when fishing. The ones you'd select for fly fishing might be different than those you would need just to block UV rays or to use in low light fishing settings.

Excellent Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

When you want the best-polarized sunglasses for the purpose of fishing, consider the UV level that will protect your eyes. The glass lenses should be top-quality. A polarized lens is not all created equally, so be certain of any pair of fishing sunglasses offer the protection in the lenses and comfort in lenses you need and if possible, that they provide 100 UV protection for the health of your eyes.

Important Factors to Consider

You want to make sure your glasses are scratch-resistant lenses and that they use the latest lens technology for your day on the water. You can find polarized glass lenses that block harmful UV, UVA, and UVB. Another feature to look for is tr 90 nylon, superb for the purpose of polarized sunglasses help for avid fishers. Hydrophobic coating, nylon frame, and polycarbonate lenses are highlights to look for. Fishing sunglasses polarized are available in either blue mirror and green mirror lens material work great for low light conditions and to block harmful rays by the formulation on the lenses. Look for a pair of polarized sunglasses with a lifetime warranty.

Try Before You Go

One of the best things to do is to try the sunglasses lenses out prior to your big fishing trip to ensure the lens do their job. You can go anywhere there is shallow water and see how they hold up to the glare in the water. Check the level of eye protection you feel they give from the water to see if they are a good option for fishing.

Color Options

What color options are the best? The color of your lens can be any tint. They come in a wide range of shades. It is best if they block out blue light (harmful light waves) too. You can get special frames, chains, and elastic bands to help keep them on that are ideal for fishing.

Looks and More

Even when you're fishing, it's important to look your best. Whether you are just there to impress the fish or you're taking your best girl or guy along with you, sunshades look and feel great.

The Harm in Not Wearing Shades

Not wearing sunshades at all can be harmful to the health of your eyes. It can also cause you to squint because the sun is in your eyes or is reflecting off something into your eyes which can give you a headache. To a fisherman, the worst disadvantage about not wearing protective eyewear is that you just might miss the big one. And, you probably will.

Protect Your Investment

When going out with your new shades (or, even your old ones), don't forget to bring along a hard eyeglass case. Otherwise, with all the hoop-la you are sure to encounter, they may get scratched or broken.

Clean Catch

Be sure to keep your sunshades clean. You can clean them with warm soap and water and dry them with a soft, clean microfiber cloth.

Keeping Up With Your Shades

When you're on an outing, you run a risk of losing your shades. When you sit them down, make a mental note of where you are sitting them. Establish a certain place to put them when you are in the car or in the boat. Creating good habits will lower the odds that you'll come back from your trip shadeless.

Comparison Shop for Your New Shades

It's a good idea not to just grab the first pair of shades you see, especially if they are on the pricey side. Look for sales and for eyewear companies that run sales or offer discounts or other incentives.

Fish Your Finest with the Right Pair of Shades

Don't spoil your days on the water fishing because your sunshades don't do what they are supposed to do. If you want to reel them in, reel in a pair of great sunshades first. It's the catch of the day to help ensure you catch your catch of the day too.