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What Are the Best Sunglasses For A Big Nose?

What Are the Best Sunglasses For A Big Nose?

Posted by Shark Eyes on 24th Feb 2022

You've probably figured out by now that having a large nose can be a pain when it comes to sunglasses. Not only is the fit sometimes uncomfortable, too snug, or too loose, some shapes can make your nose appear even bigger which is usually the last thing you want.

Don't get it wrong, a big nose isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are tons of celebrities that sport large noses like Cher, Barbara Streisand, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and many more. Their noses are part of what makes them beautiful (or handsome) and unique. Yours is too. If you aren't wishing to accentuate your nose but rather to find sunglasses that are proportionate, you need search no further. Read on to find out the best choices for big noses. 

Guide for Best Sunglasses for Big Nose

There is a multitude of things to consider when choosing the ultimate sunglasses for big noses. The shape and even the color of the frames and the lens shapes play a huge role in determining whether the sunglasses will draw attention to your oversized nose.

Even your skin tone and the type of material your shades are made of matter. Plus, you want your sunglasses fit to be right too.

Facial Features Matter

Facial features can be made to look more or less prominent according to your sunglasses. If your nose size is larger than you'd like, no problem.

When you know the rules to follow when you buy frames and lenses, you're in luck. It's like magic when you find the perfect frame in sunglasses.

Getting in Shape

The shape of your frames is an important feature to watch out for. In essence, glasses frame your face. You want to coordinate the features of your face to the shaping of any pair of sunglasses you are contemplating.

The more you know about different sunglasses and how they frame or unframe your features and how they work or don't work, for your appearance, the more you'll enjoy buying sunglasses and wearing them too.

Color Coding

The color of your glasses frame can greatly enhance the way your sunglasses look on you. Dark frames go best with large noses because they will appear to have a depth that draws less attention to your nose. Solid colors, in the darkest color selections, don't accentuate your nose.

Patterned frames come with an added flair that draws attention to the glasses. You'll find many fun styles.

A Single Frame Can Make a Big Difference

Any fashion model or celebrity will confer that sunglasses frames make a big difference when it comes to facial features. You can draw attention to and from all areas such as accentuating your high cheekbones to detour attention or highlighting your perfect lips rather than your oversized nose.

Glasses frames can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to appearance so choose wisely.

Face Shapes 101

There are four basic shapes when it comes to faces - oval, round, square, and heart. Your face shaping helps determine what kind of sunglasses look best on you no matter what size your nose is.

Face Size

If you have a small face, you want to choose sunglasses that don't overwhelm it. If you have a large face, you'll want to be choosing glasses that aren't too small but certainly aren't sporting an oversized frame as they would make your face seem even bigger.

The size of your nose is not determined by the size of your face. Even small-faced individuals have bigger noses.

The most important thing is to know the size and design of your face and to give those things consideration as you seek to bring attention away from your large nose.

The Right Shape Will Make You Look Great

There's a science to the art of pairing sunglasses with your big nose. Although it may seem complicated, it's really not. Larger noses do well in certain frame shapes.

Knowing how to make a better choice when shopping for sunglasses will give you a whole new outlook on eyewear. It's fun to see how you can change your look with a single pair of sunglasses.

Round Frames

Round frames are not the best pick for men and women with big noses. They tend to place all the attention on your nose which is not what you want to do.

Rectangular or Square Frames

Rectangular or square frames offer the right kind of shaping for a face with a large nose because the glasses will stand out rather than your nose. They act as an illusion to bring the onlooker's focus away from your nose.

These shapes are highly recommended and come in practically any style imaginable. You can buy rectangular or square frames almost anywhere.

Angular Frames

Angular frames are ones that have edges, unlike round ones. Most angular frame-style glasses make round faces appear narrower and more striking. This type of eyewear, especially when they have one angle, is given to reduce the size of oversized facial features.

Sizing it Up...or Down

The size of the frames themself can make or break how your glasses blend with the size of your nose. Choose a thick frame and avoid light frames because a heavy frame will draw attention horizontally, away from your nose and over towards your ears instead.

Wide frame size sunglasses make your facial features look smaller in general so your nose will not seem so large either, so they are perfect choices.

You can also experiment with frame sizes to see what you think looks attractive because in the long run, that's what matters. Self-confidence is beautiful!

Bridging the Gap

The size and type of bridge you choose are important. Bridge width has to do with the width of the frame across the bridge. A low bridge raises the lenses higher up so the focus is away from your nose.

A high nose bridge, on the other hand, isn't a good fit for everyone with a large nose.

When you buy frames, you want to also take into account the size of your own nose bridge. You'll want the glasses to be comfortable. Some big noses have big bridges or lower set bridge areas.

Since glasses should sit on the upper part of your nose, the best glasses will be ones that have a bridge width that look and feel good on you, not just one or the other. Never underestimate comfort.

Trying on various bridge widths is helpful.

Material Matters

Along with considering your face shape, pay attention to what your frames are made out of. Plastic frames that are dark and thick draw focus to them as opposed to your nose.

Wire glasses and metal frames can be adjusted so the first things noticed are your ears, cheeks, and eyes rather than your nose.

With the right face shape, women's cat-eye style glasses can focus on cheeks and draw attention to the high-fashion style.

Terrific Tips

Below are some excellent suggested tips for finding sunglasses that look good with a big nose so you can find the perfect sunglasses.

  • Wraparound sunglasses are spectacular for large nose wearers.
  • Soft edges make a long, pointed nose less obvious.
  • Women's floral patterns are the ideal distraction.
  • Sharper corners tend to work in your favor if they are angled away from your nose.

Lenses Count Too!

The size, shape, and color of lenses can make a difference in how large your nose appears as well. Larger lenses work best for those who have big noses. The ideal pair of sunglasses should have lenses that appear appropriate for your size nose and the shape of your face.

Too large of lenses can make it look as if everything about your face is too large while lenses that are too small will only add to the attention your nose receives. Lenses that have a tint that is too dark will direct attention to your nose.

You want the color of the lenses to blend with the frames, so they are not too dark or too light.

Know Before You Buy

The more research you do before you go to a sunglass store or shop online, the better chance you'll have of buying sunglasses that you love.