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27 Blogs Every Retail Store Owner Should Read

27 Blogs Every Retail Store Owner Should Read

Posted by Shark Eyes on 25th Sep 2019

The retail sales industry is experiencing explosive growth and ever-evolving changes.

According to the National Retail Federation, retail sales are expected to exceed 4.8 trillion dollars by the end of this year. Independent retailers, like mom and pop shops and family-owned stores, make up an increasing percentage of that group.

Competition can be fierce. If you’re not keeping up with the latest news and upcoming trends, you’ll be left in the dust. Retail blogs can get you up to speed so you can maximize sales in your brick-and-mortar store or elevate your eCommerce business.

Here’s a list of our pick of the twenty-seven best retail blogs (in no particular order) to help you get (and keep) your small business booming:

1. National Retail Federation

The National Retail Federation blog, also known as NRF, keeps readers on top of all things retail-like economy post, relative technology, seasonal and holiday trends, and connected commerce. In existence for over a century, members enjoy benefits like networking opportunities and mentor-ship.

2. Shopify Plus

The Shopify Plus blog regularly publishes a wide variety of topics that provide solutions to online retail issues, offer encouragement through personal success stories, and inform readers on subjects like buyer psychology, behavioral economics, and industry data.

3. Retail Dive

The Retail Dive is a highly informative blog where readers learn about such subjects as marketing trends, technology developments, logistics, eCommerce payments, brick-and-mortar loss prevention, and a myriad of other hot topics. Blog material also includes self-conducted studies, postings of industry events, and opinion pieces.

4. Square

A leading credit card reader, Square is a clearinghouse of valuable retail information. The company blogs give readers insight into such things as growth strategies, product updates, finances, customer service, and effective management.

5. Forrester

Rich in research information, Forrester blogs report and expound on technology, market stats and predictions, news, and other in-depth subject matter that impact small business owners in the retail industry.

6. The Retail Doctor

Headed by the highly acclaimed retail consultant, Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor blog has a fix for almost any problem you might encounter in retail, both online and brick-and-mortar. With a portfolio including clients like Mastercard, Paul Mitchell, and LEGO, Phibbs has expert input on boosting business, implementing winning strategies, and a broad spectrum of other helpful topics.

7. Smart Retail

Smart Retail blogs highlight independent specialty retailers. Topics like challenges, success strategies, teamwork, improving customer service, helpful software and hardware, and retail consulting can be found within the periodical pieces.

8. Medallion Retail

For over 50 years, Medallion has been assisting well-known brands, like Converse and Starbucks, in advancing their sales. From signage and logos to insightful ideas, their blogs are a plethora of expert information.

9. CrossCap

CrossCap publishes blogs that focus on improving B2B and B2C activity like digital media, project management and execution, project management, and innovative in-store marketing services. The blogs are always fresh and unique.

10. Vend

Vend is a cloud-based retail management software provider. Their blogs are overflowing with specific information on such subjects as inventory, point of sale, customer management, integration, hardware, integration, and business growth.

11. Retail Minded

The blogs on Retail Minded are priceless for all retailers, from pop-up shops to mobile-focused online stores. Resource information covers topics like money management, merchandising, software management, and business and personal growth.

12. Retail Customer Experience

This blog highlights information based on customer experience versus generic stats and facts to provide an innovative approach to selling online or in-store. Being competitive in today’s market as well as excelling in customer standing are examples of subjects covered.

13. Multichannel Merchant

This blog takes an original, one-of-a-kind approach to aiding multi-channel retailers in significant decision-making moves as well as how-to instructions, tech comparisons, market managing, and operations. The resource information on the blogs is superb.

14. Snap Retail

The Snap Retail blog helps retailers promote a responsive website. Tips on utilizing platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are given as well as advice on creating and sending effective email marketing.

15.  U.S. Small Business Association

An authority on many subjects concerning small businesses, the SBA has excellent blogs that focus on the interests of retailers and other independent companies written by professionals in the field. Readers learn about topics that hold an interest with a wide variety of retailers, like the economy of the retail world and how to protect and maintain their interests. These blogs are an excellent “go-to” source for busy retail shop owners who don’t have time to read much.

16. Retail Geek

The Retail Geek blog places emphases on how consumers shop. From sales psychology to analyzing marketing technologies, a wide variety of subjects are covered by authorities in the field, Jason and Scott, who also host informative weekly podcasts.

17. Retail Focus

Retail Focus is a United Kingdom-based company that gives new angles on the coverage of retail news. The no-nonsense articles are precise and easy to understand, excellent for any independent online or in-store retail shop owner. The blogs are great and are especially helpful for those whose area of sales include the United Kingdom.

18. Retail Owners Institute

Retail Owners Institute, or ROI, has online courses that focus on the basics of retail finances. Topics like cash flow management and inventory control are covered in specialized blog posts. The writing is very professional yet always explained quite well.

19. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur offers some of the top-notch blogs for those who have a small retail business. Solutions to common problems are addressed, tools and tips are given freely, and various ideas and steps to building a business are also frequently discussed.

20. Retail Design Blog

Covering topics such as branding, visual merchandising, store design (both online and brick-and-mortar), and product sales strategies, Retail Design Blog is a mecca of information for independent retailers. The topics are always straightforward to read yet go in-depth on subjects of interest in areas many retail blogs don’t touch on.


With the mission of helping businesses of all types grow and prosper, blogs are a leading spot to gain knowledge about products and services that promote all retailers need to be empowered. The blogs are well-written and concise. They are also excellent in covering topics most retailers need and want to know.

22. America’s SBDC

America’s SBDC is a representative of the network of Small Business Development Centers. The mission of the site is to help entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life. The blogs on the website are helpful in many areas of retail, such as learning how to access capital, write business plans, and marketing resources.

23. Resources for Retailers

Focusing on retail start-up, the Resources for Retailers blogs provide numerous resources and information regarding all phases of retail management.

24. Houston Chronicle Small Business

Houston Chronicle Small Business blog subjects are not limited to the Houston area. They are compelling and informative in many areas of retail business and design such as understanding workplace regulations, managing employees and finances, designing and implementing business models, and forming organizational structures.

25. Salsify

Salsify blogs are notorious for providing retailers with detailed information to ensure they are well-equipped to survive and thrive in the competitive commerce market. The articles are excellent at explaining in-depth technological subject matters and making complicated things simple enough for everyday people to understand. For retailers who wish to move forward in technology but don’t have the experience or education to draw on, these blogs are beneficial.

26. IBM Retail Industry

The IBM Retail Industry blog is as influential as the mother company, IBM, it represents. Insights on a multitude of business topics can be found on the regular blogs written by seasoned experts in the retail industry.

27. Retail Pro

Centered on those who wish to streamline their retail business, this blog is one of the top when it comes to providing fantastic and useful information about several topics that help owners get a store started and keep it flowing smoothly. Pricing, promotions, advertising, performance reporting, customer and employee management, inventory, replenishment, and tailorable point of sales are examples of subjects the blogs include. For those who want an all-inclusive blog about many aspects involved in retail sales, this is a prime one to look at.

From drawing on the experience of fellow retailers to learning cutting edge technology from the experts in the field, retail blogs enrich, enlighten, and inform independent business owners selling products of any type. Whether you are an online merchant or conduct your retail business in a brick-and-mortar store, there’s always more to learn.

It’s exciting times for independent retailers. Today’s economy is full of possibilities, and the future looks promising as well. These small business blogs will keep you moving ahead, so you don’t have to worry about getting left behind.