Wholesale Assorted Colors Plastic Foster Grant Assorted UV400 Fashion Sunglasses Cardboard Counter Display 36 Pieces | FG36CD

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Wholesale 36 pcs Foster Grant™ Unisex Sunglasses With 24 pcs Counter Display

Style: FG36CD

  • Men and Women
  • Foster Grant
  • Poly-carbonate, Metal
  • Polarized, UV400
  • Display
  • Spinning Bottom
  • Comes in Assorted Styles and Colors
  • 36 Pieces/Display
  • 8 Displays/Master Case
  • 1 Master Case = 288 pieces


  • 36PC Assorted Men's and Ladies Fashion and Sport Sunglasses
  • Assorted Foster Grant Brands with Retail Tags Ranging From $9.99- $29.99
  • Assorted UPC in Every Box
  • UV400 and Polarized Assorted Styles
  • Brands Include: Foster Grant, Jaclyn Smith, Bongo, Ironman, Dream Out Loud and More
  • Displays Will Have a Variety of Foster Grant Sunglasses
  • *No Two Displays Will Have Exact Same Style Selection*

Comes in Assorted Frame Size

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