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Real Tree 4 Panel Counter Display with Sunglasses

Style: 4PRT36CD
UPC: 00843653104950

Take your customer's shopping experience to the next level with our Licensed RealTree 4 Panel Counter Display with included Sunglasses. This unique and colorful display will immediately draw your customer's attention and make sure they don't leave your business empty-handed. Whether your customers are hunters or any other type of outdoor enthusiast, they're sure to love the Licensed RealTree sunglasses that come in a variety of sport and wrap styles.

  • For Men
  • Genuine Licensed Real Tree
  • Camouflage patterns available:
    • Real Tree Xtra
    • Real Tree Edge
    • Real Tree Max XT
  • Sport, Semi-Rimless Frames
  • Materials: Polycarbonate Lens, Metal, Soft Finish
  • UV400 protection
  • Display is included with an eye-catching design to attract your customers
  • Display features a spinning bottom
  • Comes in 4 styles in assorted colors
  • 3 Dozen Pieces/Display
  • 8 Displays/Master Case
  • 1 Master Case = 288 pieces

 Tip for Retailers:

Our sunglasses displays are one of the best things to have near your cash register because this custom designed display will help catch your customer’s attention right before they leave. This gives you the opportunity to add another item to their purchase.


These sunglasses feature UV400 protection with high quality, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses.

The frames are lightweight yet durable, perfect for driving, hunting, fishing, camping, running and other activities.

Your customers will be able to choose from a wide selection of lens colors and rim styles to suit their personality.

Each variation of display comes with 36 pairs of high-quality sport style sunglasses, all done in variations of RealTree Xtra camouflage pattern.

 Frame & Lens Style Variations Include:

  • 2PC Smoke Lens, Edge Camo Frame, Edge Camo Temple
  • 1PC Smoke Lens, Xtra Camo Frame, Xtra Camo Temple
  • 1PC Smoke Lens, Original Camo Frame, Original Camo Temple
  • 1PC Smoke Lens, Max-Xt Camo Frame, Max-Xt Camo Temple
  • 1PC G15 Lens, Edge Camo Frame, Edge Camo Temple
  • 1PC G15 Lens, Xtra Camo Frame, Xtra Camo Temple
  • 1PC G15 Lens, Original Camo Frame, Original Camo Temple
  • 1PC Brown Lens, Max-Xt Camo Frame, Max-Xt Camo Temple

 The display itself comes in three different styles of RealTree camo pattern to choose from:

  • RealTree Xtra
  • RealTree Edge
  • RealTreeMax XT


 The display is designed to attract your customer with just the right number of pieces to prevent overwhelming them with too many options.

Further, the display case is at the right height to have the best opportunity for drawing attention.

Each pattern features different RealTree landscape artwork, all beautifully done and near indistinguishable from the real thing.

This set comes complete and ready to display.

You know your customers better than anyone, and if they're the outdoor type, you know they're going to love this RealTree 4 Panel Counter Display and the merchandise featured prominently on it.

We’re here to make sure you are satisfied with your order. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

With 4 different styles of display, there's something here for everyone. Don't wait, order today!

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